Are shar-pei good family dogs for small children?

suzie8: My husband wants to get a shar-pei dog, however we have small children. Are they good family dogs?
Are they aggressive? Is there any reports of attacks from these dogs?
shar pei family dogs
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Answer by I Love my Pyr.
I don't think they are among the most popular breed. I have heard that they are mean when they get older but I don't know of any personally and that could be in the raising. Just socialize it well and lay down the rules in the beginning.

Answer by Lissa
Have to agree that it completely depends on the dog’s personal temperament and socialization as a puppy.

My family has had another shar pei before, but our current pei is just over a year old now.  Extremely leery of strangers, but he is always friendly with kids no matter if he knows them or not.  But we made sure he was exposed to children when we brought him home as a puppy and the breeder also had a young son so he was definitely properly socialized.

Even still, definitely not a dog for everyone.  Mine listens to me well and is a serious love bug.  Quite full of personality and even shows some manners. But he can be extreeemely stubborn (especially when it comes to listening to other family members) and its really true that they need to understand pecking order. A great plus, as mentioned by other reviewers, he was extremely easy to house train- very very few accidents from day one and not once has he ever chewed anything up in the house.  Only issue he has is being alone, he loves to be around people even if its just a matter of being able to see you from down the hallway.

Overall, they’re extremely loyal and affectionate dogs but each dog has his own unique personality and needs serious training and socialization.  And if you’re going to get one, who you choose to buy from is a big factor.

Answer by Serch
Shar peis are not for everyone. If you are looking for a cute dog to play with you better get one of the smaller breeds. Shar peis are strong dogs, both mentally and physically. They need a strong leader who would set the rules from day one. When I say set the rules, I mean it., I have a Shar pei, and she is very stubborn, but since I am the Alfa male of the house, what I say goes. If you can get your dog to understand it, you will have one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I havent found a dog that is more loyal, affectionate, smart, sensitive than a shar pei. But watch out, you MUST be firm, but never violent with the shar pei (or any other dog for that matter) My shar pei is EXTREMELY sensitive to family situations. The other day I had quite a strong argument with my brother and she just kept on licking my hands and did not leave my side. The next day she did not ate at all. Was very depressed. Whe we play and she bites me a bit too hard, she stops inmediatly and licks my “wound” like if she were apologizing… :D

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  1. Sarah-Ann says

    We recently bought a sharpei puppy as a friend for our maremma sheepdog. We are now considering re-homing him, He has only been bought up with love, and has turned into an aggressive and tries to over power everything and very territorial, He randomly went and bit my almost 4 year old on the side the other day, he will attack our maremma for her dinner so after he scoffs his i have to try and make him sit and keep him away but he is so angry more so when it comes to food. Loves older people but not keen on sharing with dogs or kids, even though hes been around his brothers and sisters since birth, then our kids since very young. he looks like a great dog. But i think they suit more of a child-less home with someone who can afford the vet bills if needed, and the time to train these dogs aswell, they are the most stubborn bread! and i thought our maremma was stubborn! over all it depends on the dogs personality. I love our sharpei but he isn't for us. And i feel so guilty thinking of rehoming him, but with a 4yr old and a 6 month old i wont have an aggressive dog. He needs a more suited home with no other dogs, no kids and full human attention.

    • Really says

      I would love to appreciate/take into consideration your comments, however, your spelling is atrocious and if you can't be disciplined enough to educate yourself and approach situations such as this, attempting to offer sound advice to others who seek it, being a "Pei" owner myself, I do recommend you focus on your improvement, not your passing of judgment on an animal and it's behavior. If you take no pride in your presentation, then it's not credible you take pride in disciplining/raising a dog who needs consistent work...for at least the first 2 years...poor "puppy".

      • Chaz says

        Wow, you are smug and condescending little person! Does that make you feel better to cut down someone else?

  2. Liam says

    We have a year old Pei (we had her since she was a pup) and she has been reared indoors as part of the crew. To date I have no complaints- she is really really good with our boys (6 & 3) she has an excellent temperment. As previous posters have said it all depends on the rearing. I know there are lots in shelters that need rehoming but like everything else be very careful as some may not have had a nice upbringing and may come with a few issues.

    Health issues are heridetary- so always have a check on the parents before buying.

    • Liam says

      Well here's the update to our experience with our Pei- she has been the most mild mannered dog I have had to date. Yes she is supprisingly stubborn- that characteristic I have never come across before with my previous dogs. But perseverance does pay off. She is so loving even with our boys who love the rough and tumble and our pei throws herself into the middle of it, but I keep a close eye and never once have I had to come to the aid of the kids. Like all pedigree dogs there are heridetary issues- our poor girl is allergic to tree pollen so requires regular bathing. But other than this I have had not one bad experience to report.

  3. Dog_trainer says

    I've known some that were lovely dogs if they were raised properly, but as a family pet generally not a breed I recommend. They were originally bred as fighting dogs, and many are aggressive towards people and other animals. They are also expensive to buy and maintain - lots of health problems with their skin.

    Go with a Lab or a Golden Retriever or another of the Sporting Breeds from a good breeder who selects for health and temperament.

  4. neonlights1971 says

    Never heard of them being mean to kids, but I can tell you they drool like mad mans and they stink even when given a bath.. my friends had one, they finally gave it away cause it stunk all of the time even with bathing him.. GOOD LUCK
    Plus you have to teach the kids to respect the newest addition to your family as well.. there only defense will be biting.. And even lil dogs can bite hard..

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