What is the best dog food to buy for my Saint Bernard puppy?

beautyofthesea: What is the best dog food to buy for my new puppy Saint Bernard?
I have a new 10 week large breed dog, saint bernard/mastiff mix and was wondering what you recommend for feeding it? Also are veggies and fruits ok to add to his diet? And what about raw hide? My boyfriend told me it can cause trouble in their intestines if they eat it?

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Answer by Barbie™
puppy chow

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  1. momofmodi says

    You need to feed your St Bernard puppy a large breed puppy dog food. I use Purina One Large Breed Puppy and my puppy seems to like it. He sure eats a lot of it. We've also used Iams Large Breed puppy also. You should hold off on the rawhides for awhile, they do get pretty gummy and sticky.

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