What is the best dog food to buy for my Saint Bernard puppy?

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beautyofthesea: What is the best dog food to buy for my new puppy Saint Bernard?
I have a new 10 week large breed dog, saint bernard/mastiff mix and was wondering what you recommend for feeding it? Also are veggies and fruits ok to add to his diet? And what about raw hide? My boyfriend told me it can cause trouble in their intestines if they eat it?

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Answer by Barbie™
puppy chow

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  1. momofmodi says

    You need to feed your St Bernard puppy a large breed puppy dog food. I use Purina One Large Breed Puppy and my puppy seems to like it. He sure eats a lot of it. We've also used Iams Large Breed puppy also. You should hold off on the rawhides for awhile, they do get pretty gummy and sticky.

  2. Great Dane Lady says

    Large breeds have special nutritional needs. You don't want to feed a high protein puppy food to them. They gain weight faster than their immuture bones can handle. This can cause all kinds of bone related problems later. We feed Dane pups a protein level of no more than 23%. You can do this by just feeding a good adult food. Large breed puppy chow is no more than adult food in a fany wrapper, costing more. I learned this from a vet who holds a degree in nutrition.

  3. a44arana says

    you're best bet is using Purina Puppy Chow, and gradually as he grows switch it to the adult formula. Purina has several types of chow for different dog types and its easy to understand. right on the front of the bag it has a generic picture of the dog size for easy reference. idk much about fruits and veggies, but never feed them raw hide, i had a dog get worms like that once.

  4. vannie says

    I would just feed the dog plain dog food because some foods might cause worms in the dog. I feed my lab mix pedigree my vet said that is good.

  5. Lanna B says

    I agree, Eukenuba is very good. All 4 vets at our clinic use it for their animals and recommend it. Most all of us techs use it too. Science Diet is also good.

  6. tom l says

    I like "LARGE BREED" Eukanuba puppy food
    With a 10 week puppy figure on going through 1 (one) 40 pound bag (and only one) and then switch to a good quality adult kibble (Purina 1 or better) Lamb & rice or Chicken & rice , be willing to experiment and find out which works best for your dog. Some dogs don't seem to gain weight on Lamb, and other dogs tend to have a loose stool on Chicken. It is best to try to keep a dog on a single source of protein, but I have seen several large breed dogs that do far better on a 50/50 mix of Lamb & rice and Chicken & rice

    Source http://www.sweetbreezbeagles.com http://www.seventhsonbeagles.com
    "Whisper" can next be seen at the Eucanuba National Invitational
    Bred By Exhibitor Competition

  7. 78Galya says

    Eukenuba is great. The dogs in my neighborhood who ate that lived the longest. I've been raising a large doberman this past year and found out that the larger breeds should be switched to adult food around four months or their leg bones will grow too fast from the high protein in puppy chow and cause joint problems as adults. Please research this on the Internet if you don't believe me. A friend is giving her pomeranian a vegetarian dog food that is supposed to be good along with fruits and vegetables. You'd have to be dilligent about brushing the dogs teeth if you gave it people food though.

  8. MAGIC says


  9. mlamb56 says

    Some dogs will eat anything, some are very fussy. I would not start with anything expensive. Some will not eat it. Spike (the one in the picture) eats any canned food, Rail will eat absolutely anything edible, including all fruits and vegetables, and my last dog, Cairo, would only eat one type of (very cheap) dog food. Just find out what he likes. And don't worry about it.

  10. racha says

    Since you have a large breed dog you really want to feed him a large breed formula. Science Diet and Nutro are really good brands. Never feed raw hide to a puppy!
    Dogs chew with their back teeth so they don't break food down before they swallow. Raw hide does not break down. So the swallowed pieces can get lodged in their throat or block their intestinal tract and cause major stomach problems.

  11. rock says

    rawhide is horrible its a man made product that only causes trouble in poor little animals pig ears are bad too….your best bet is to stick with natural bones or bones that are treat like…also alot of people will say to go for greenies theyre expensive and dogs love them but theyre actually kinda bad for them they tend to expand in a dogs stomach! And as for food stay away for any grocery type food and by that i mean if you can find a brand at a grocery store or at like walmart you dont want it. Theyre a few bucks cheaper but not healthy! theyre packed with by-products and fat and not good at all. plus they poop like crazy! go for anything organic and healthy a little more pricy but worth it. they poop less and theyre coats are really nice. plus alot of dogs have skin allergies so make sure whatever food you get isnt packed with wheat and corn…those two are the main to that make dogs sick with a skin rash. Organic is you best bet nature fruits and veggies are also really good….no raw meat lol lot of water! good luck those saint bernards are awesome!

  12. chetco says

    Feed him a kibble from a pet supply shop…never from the grocery store…Avoid any kibble with corn, soy, beet pulp, or artificial preservatives… I feed my large breed dogs Canidae…the Canidae adult formula is best for large and giant breeds..However, Innova, Wellness, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, Wysong, are all good kibbles, made from all human grade ingredients..Easy on the rawhide, and only natural colored ones that you get at a good pet supply..Veggies are great! Carrots make a good chew treat..No onions..No cabbages..No potato peels…easy on the tomatoes…Fruits are great, but NO grapes or raisins..remove seeds from apples before feeding…

  13. Me says

    My Ma and Pa used to feed our labrador molassess. He grew so big that you would swear he was a shetland pony. Yo'all have a nice day now wont you.

  14. starrwoode says

    science diet, rawhide can cause trouble, ask your vet about it. i dont know if the dog wants veggies and fruits. though i had a cat who ate canned peaches.

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