What is the best diet for an Irish Wolfhound dog?

Shar: what is the best diet for an Irish Wolfhound?
I am getting a 12 week old wolf hound and I am wondering what is the best suited diet for him, wet, dry, fresh?

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Answer by Voelven
Best person to ask would be his breeder. If you want to change his diet from what he’s currently eating, then make sure to start out with feeding him his regular food and then gradually over 4-7 days introduce the new food.

Personally I would go with a good quality large breed puppy dry food or a good quality adult dry food. If you have the knowledge to fresh feed, then this is also an option, but don’t do it unless you know how to compose a proper meal for him with fresh foods. Fresh feeding and raw feeding your dog is a science in itself. The important thing with a large breed puppy is to ensure that it does not grow too fast.

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  1. tlctreecare says

    A very high quality large breed puppy food.
    This is a giant breed and they have special needs as far as puppy food. If they are fed a diet that is not formulated for large breeds they can grow to fast. If they get rapid growth is makes the bones in their legs less dense. Slow growth = denser bones = sturdier dogs.
    I fed mine a large breed puppy food until he was almost two. That is what the breeder recommended. He was a very healthy dog. He never had leg or bone density issues.
    I used dry.
    Fresh is good but you are going to have to be sure you are supplementing correctly for the breed and size of the dog.
    I would pass on canned food.

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