What do Siberian Huskies like to do for playing?

Megan M: What do Siberian Huskies like to do as far as playing is concerned?
I’ve had Siberian Huskies in the past, I know they don’t like to fetch, but what do they like to do? Mine seems to take no interest in anything. I don’t want him to be bored all the time. I’d like to find out so I know I’m not wasting anymore money.

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Answer by MENDEZ
they like to dig play fecth and mine chew’s on a shoe a week.

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  1. dawggurl47 says

    Well i have two and they are both totally different when it comes to playing. My female, Roxy, I don't think even knows how to play. At least with humans anyway. Ive tried everything, toys, fetch, wrestling, nothing works. The only time she plays is when her and my male, Romeo, go outside. Then she runs and plays with him. Just not with people. Romeo however loves to play. He likes squeeky toys, wrestling, and loves tug of war with is rope toy. I guess everydog is different as far as what they are interested in. I would just suggest trying new toys, like ropes and sweek toys and see if shes interested in any, if not you may need to do more outdoor activities with her like running or putting him to work doing something. Huskies love working and want to please.

  2. toriag says

    My husky plays outside with me whenever possible. she just likes chasing me or being chased and loves digging wholes unfortunately.

  3. Cave Canem says

    Try out hiking, backpacking, scootering, carting, agility, and of course, sledding with your Sibe. Just about anything and everything outdoors they think is great fun.

  4. Dog_Sledding_Lover says

    Depends on the dog. My house Siberian loooves to chew on bones.. she LOVES squeeky toys, she wont fetch them, per-say, but she loves it when I toss them in the air for her and she'll catch them. She loves to run around with you, and when I get on the floor and 'wrestle' with her. As I type this she's curled in her doggy bed next to the couch chewing on a squeeky ball. Tug-of-war is another favorate of hers. :)

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