What breeds would be compatible with a golden retriever dog?

Xylia Addae ☆: What dog breeds would be compatible with a golden retriever?
My golden retriever is 2 years old and very hyper. I would like to get him a friend but do not know what types of dogs are also hyper and won’t mind.

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Answer by Tyler A
As a friend:

Labrador Retriever


A poodle, I don’t like them, but Golden Doodles (as they are called) are SOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

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  1. emtcarebear55 says

    It's got absolutley nothing to do w/a breed, it's all about the personality of the dog, take your golden around to the pound or find a breed of dog you like, most breeders will allow you to have a meeting between the two dogs to make sure they can get along, and see what happens!

  2. Chihuahua lover says

    Goldens are really good with other dogs so it doesn't really matter. But if your golden is really playful a small dog wouldn't be a good choice. A shelter would be a good choice because they usually have a meet and greet so you can bring your current golden to see if she is good with the other dogs.

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