July 23, 2014

What breeds would be compatible with a golden retriever dog?

Question by Xylia Addae ☆: What dog breeds would be compatible with a golden retriever?
My golden retriever is 2 years old and very hyper. I would like to get him a friend but do not know what types of dogs are also hyper and won’t mind.

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Answer by Tyler A
As a friend:

Labrador Retriever


A poodle, I don’t like them, but Golden Doodles (as they are called) are SOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

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  1. Labrador Retriever. I've got a lab and a golden retriever and they get along great. And tire each other out alot.

  2. emtcarebear55 says:

    It's got absolutley nothing to do w/a breed, it's all about the personality of the dog, take your golden around to the pound or find a breed of dog you like, most breeders will allow you to have a meeting between the two dogs to make sure they can get along, and see what happens!

  3. Chihuahua lover says:

    Goldens are really good with other dogs so it doesn't really matter. But if your golden is really playful a small dog wouldn't be a good choice. A shelter would be a good choice because they usually have a meet and greet so you can bring your current golden to see if she is good with the other dogs.

  4. Goldens are known to have great patience with any breed…and if you are getting a "puppy" the size won't matter…shelters have an abundance of pups needing great homes…start their…If you are looking for a purebreed? it's all on your preference…i love leonbergers…and White shepherds…both get along great with most domestic animals…Good luck!

  5. As long as your dog lkes dogs, and the dog you get likes dogs they will be fine with any breed, but I like Newfoundlands, Stafordshire Bull Terrier (pit bull), English Springer Spaniels are my absolute fave though!!

  6. Cavalier MOMx3 says:

    Get a Boxer they love to romp and play with other dogs. I guarentee they'll wear each other out.

  7. Y2J shall return soo says:

    I have a golden retriever also, and i know how hyper they get, but believe it or not, he plays more with my poodle, they get along really well. But im sure you want a big dog, and labradors and golden retrievers usually get along well, and love to play.

  8. iambeechgoer says:

    any pound puppy who doesn't have an attitude. at the pound your not only saving a life but it is easier to evaluate their personalities. also the employees usually have already done that for you. ask them.

  9. golden retrievers get along easily with other breeds, so it ain't that hard to find '' a friend'' for him. if you want you can get him another golden retriever, or a labrador, a boxer, dalmatian…. its up to you!! just dont make the dog too small or he will be crushed during play time..,… :)

  10. Go to your local animal shelter, and see if you can find one you love. Bring your dog, allow them to meet (most shelters have a playyard or room the dogs can interact in), and if they begin to run around/chase each other playfully/ETC, I think it's safe to say it would work out. Usually, the shelter employees/volunteers also supervise the "meeting." They'll tell you their opinion. :o) Good Luck!

  11. german shepard. a tame and playful one of course, otherwise ur dogs head might get ripped off, lloll.

  12. get another golden.

  13. maybe a border collie, shepherd, or a terrier

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