What breeds can a siberian husky mate with?

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Shriansh: What possible breeds can a siberian husky mate with?
I have a male siberian husky and want to get an offspring.

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Answer by Clara loves Berners!!!!!!!
it can breed with most breeds but im guessing not with small ones,or ones bigger then it….

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  1. Owned_by_a_Siberian_ says

    honeslty you should leave it to the breeders who know how to handle this, however some people do want to breed once or twice for there own line and im not god so i cant judge on whats right or wrong. What i can do is answer your question as any other question. But before hand, please do some reasearch, also make sure you have a contract as well since you have a male the female dog has all rights unless stated in a contract with the females owners, This way you are sure you get a puppy and dont get scamed or screwed. To get another dog just like yours you should mate with another siberian husy however if your looking for a mix. ALaskan maultues, probley spelled it wrong looks just like a husky but is larger in size and heavier but has all the same temperment as a husky. If you want a real mix, german shephard huskys are beautiful as well and have the guard temperment and husky temperment mixed. I seen alot of those really beautiful. I also seen some mix a husky and lab, which are cute but in my opion not as cute lol. I think these three would be a good match to mate with. However, please again think hard and long about is this the right thing to do and it could cost you lost of money in medical expensives even if your studding him out. Some contracts will state you must pay half of all medical expensives and if anything goes wrong in the pregnancy and she need a c section you have to pay that as well. THis could cost you thousands of dollars in vet bills. make sure your up for it and have money to support this decison. If your doing it just to make your dogs lines grow but have no atttention of getting a puppy then its not really worth it due to yourll never really see his offspring grow up and they could end up in the shelter at a point in there life and put to sleep cause of no room. Mating a dog is just the same as having your own baby, takes alot of work, planing, money and time you just get more babies from a dog. :)

  2. Annelisa says

    Some people think they can make a lot of money from stud fees with a male. Unless you have a superior male Siberian, no one with any ethics is going to use him at stud. Neuter him and get yourself another puppy, if that's your reason for asking this question.

  3. DaxExposesUrLies says

    None scumbag! Breeding is for breeders who know what they are doing not for a scumbag that wants to make their dog turn into an ATM.

  4. Peter Griffin says

    You dont just get "an offspring" buddy… you get SEVERAL littermates… you must find homes for them. Plus, why would you want to make more mutts? Why would you want to surrender MORE puppies to a dog shelter? Seems foolish. if you want another dog, go get a siberian husky puppy.

  5. Nipdipdoodledip says

    You can breed him with pretty much anything, as long as you consider size differences. Pick a dog of similar size, but that's it really. Doesn't matter too much other than that. Depends what you want the puppies to look like. Don't forget behaviour traits as well. If you cross with a labrador, the puppies will have lab traits (like greed! lol)…If you cross with a german shepherd (I always wanted to cross a husky with one of these, I think they would look cool!), then your puppies will carry the trait of protecting/guarding. Just keep in mind size as it could be dangerous to breed with something too large or too small! All the best x

  6. the Buzz is going on says

    the only breed it should mate with is another siberian husky that's been health tested and proven…
    anything else, and you are only adding to the junk thats already out there, filling up the shelters

  7. JenVT says

    Another genetically screened, conformationally correct siberian of course. Why make mutts? If you want a dog similar to your dog, the best thing to do is go back to the breeder you bought him from and get a puppy with the same lines. Once you outcross (especially with another breed) it's a crap shoot- you have no idea what you will get.

  8. Crystal L says

    Don't be another irresponsible backyard breeder. If you're having to ask this question, then that is exactly what you would be. Get your dog fixed! You don't need to be breeding dogs…..

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