What are the pros and cons of owning a pug-dog?

Southern Smartie: I really want a pug-dog!
What are the pros and cons of owning a pug?

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Answer by ♥Animal Lover♥
like other pets. keep it clean feed it daily and love it. lok on the internet. awww i love pugs! or ask a vet. hope i helped!♥☻

Answer by Courtney
Pros.. they are very friendly. Small, they don't need as much exercise as the larger dogs.

Cons, they can't really be out long when it's hot out. They get tired out very quickly. They're small dogs, so if they're not trained properly they can get aggressive. They also SNORE and breathe loudly.

My mom has a pug. She can be a darling, she'll lick you ALL OVER. But she wasn't properly trained and has gotten food aggressive, which can be a big problem. Just make sure to do obedience training! :)

Answer by liv-evie
there are pros and cons to each breed and you should look these up on the official breed website

but please bear in mind that each dog is an individual which means that what people and websites say may not be true to individual dogs

good luck with getting one x

Answer by Carolyn B
My sister has two pugs - one is a single coat and the other is a double coat. They both snore like crazy and they both have issues with their eyes. But they are both incredibly sweet, travel well, are incredibly lovable and loyal, and are SO CUTE!! One of the hardest things we had to deal with was finding a food that they could eat - not too hard, not too soft. They're funny - they are from completely separate families and parts of the state, but they both love exactly the same toys and treats. Good luck!

Answer by jessapug
Pugs are great!!!!
Pugs are the most adorable dogs. They also have tons of personality. They have so many different moods and facial expressions. Pugs are very loving, they love being with their owners. They're like little comedians and will do anything to get a laugh out of you. If you like doggy clothes pugs are good. They look adorable/hysterical in them and like wearing them. Pugs are very good with kids and usually other pets. The don't need a lot of room to run around or have a lot of exercise. They don't need a lot of grooming, just wrinkle cleanings. They're not very loud and rarely bark.
The worst thing about a pug is also the best. That face. Yes, it's adorable. It's soooo ugly it cute. But those eyes are so big! And there is a chance of one popping out of the socket . They can usually be put back in, but there's a lot of one eyed pugs out there as well. And that short, wrinkly, barely there button nose? It snorts, and snores, and runs, and WILL blow snot on you. And it's so short that pugs have a hard time breathing. They can't go on long walks or runs, and can't play for long periods of time. Extreme heat and cold also cause breathing issues. So if you want an outdoor dog, a pug is not an option. They must be kept inside. That wrinkle is also an issue. It collects dirt, bacteria, and perspiration. If it isn't cleaned regularly it can become very smelly, and infected. They can be hard to train so you must be patient and persistent. It's not because they're stupid, they're very intelligent. Pugs just love to have their way and have a hard time understanding that not everything can be their way. They're like children. And don't let that short fur fool you into thinking they don't shed. Anything a pug touches practically turns into a pug. If you or anyone in your family has allergies, don't get a pug. The shedding is constant. A good vacuum and lint rollers will be your new best friend. They are at risk for having a lot of different eye and nose problems as well as hip displaysia.
Ask any pug owner, they know all the risks. And it may seem that all these things far outweigh the good. But the joy, love, friendship, comedy, and loyalty a pug bring into your life seem to make the bad go away. The snorts and snots quickly become adorable. You learn to love that stubborn attitude. All the fur on everything you own just starts to seem like it's meant to be there. And you love that dog so much you're willing to pay to fix any problem that may arise. In the end it's up to you, but if the cons don't seem that bad then get a pug. They make your life so much more fun! And who could resist those faces?!?

Answer by Hannah
Pugs are by far the best animal on the planet HANDS DOWN!!!!!! I couldn't imagine my life without my pug.
Pros: every single thing about them is amazing
Cons: They're tracheas are weak causing them to cough a lot (or that's what is wrong with my pug anyway). I do realize you asked this question 6 years ago, but I hope you made the RIGHT choice and bought a pug.

Answer by Savannah
just check out this blog

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