What are some good ways to train a dog to not bark at guests?

J-me: What are some good ways to train a dog to not bark at guests when they visit?
My 10yr old Poodle likes to bark at guests when they enter the house. He walks to the top of the stairs and barks, non stop until they leave. He’s not a cuddly friendly dog to guests. When were alone in the house, he’s great! How can i help train him to be more friendly towards my guests?

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Answer by peru_jhonatan
he has to get to know the people. they react by smell. if the smell is not familiar, they’ll bark

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  1. Diana M says

    Check out The Dog Whisperer website. Great tips on training your dog and changing bad behavior. Do not hit or scream at the dog. It only makes the dog more excited. You can also put a lease on him before opening the door and teach him to stay in one spot as you let your guest in. Ask your guests not to acknowledge the dog until you have given him the command to greet. It takes lots of practice with your dog but in the end its worth the time.

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