How to make my puppy be quiet in her crate?

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Answer my Questions: How do I get my puppy to be quiet in her crate?
She is crying almost all night. My dad got so mad he went to her crate and punched it and told her to shut up. I felt so bad, and I don't want it to happen again. Please help me!

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Answer by Allison
Going to the crate and punching it isn't going to help anything, and it'll only make your dog fear the crate and your dad. We cover our puppy's crate with a blanket, and if he starts up shortly after we put him in, my husband says "No" in a stern voice and that makes him stop. He cried a lot the first night, but he's been in there just fine for the past week. Be sure he's not crying because he needs to go the bathroom!

Answer by Vwgirl18

First of all, you shouldn't be shoving your poor puppy in a crate at night. How would you feel if someone made you sleep in a cage? That's just cruel. Let the puppy out of the crate at night and I bet you $ 298520968206 it won't cry anymore.

Answer by Doctor
Hold on, that's incorrect. Puppies sleep better in crates, it's their instincts. Don't give advice about something don't know about.

Answer by Ani
That wont work puppies arent supposed to have free rang especially at night and dogs are used to cages its like their den Letting him out at night will only give him lots of space to pee and hide it in the house. A dog should NEVER be unsupervised at night they should always be in a cage or crate. You must become your dogs pack leader then he will stop.

Answer by Anon
@Vwgirl18 you dumbass……. F****ng PETA moron crates are the only way to house train a dog crates keep the dog out of dangerous things when the owner isn’t home or unable to watch the dog for whatever reason leaving a puppy out to romp around the house or bedroom at night it a recipe for disaster and will teach the puppy it’s ok to go in the house just because the owner isn’t looking because the owner is sleeping and wont find out about the puddle of piss in their bed or on their CARPET till morning then it’s too late to reprimand the puppy and oh congratulations THE CARPET will end up with a bad smell that takes a week to scrub out and the possibility of mold then you end up with a disobedient puppy that feels free to piss and shit wherever as long as the owner isn’t watching which will lead to the puppy being thrown in the pound because the owner wont tolerate it like i said you are a dumbass

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  1. lifelover581 says

    Where is the crate when you are sleeping? I read in a book that it should be kept in your bedroom so the puppy can hear you, smell you, etc. I've done this since day 1 with my puppy (I got him at 8 wks. and he's 4 months old now) and have never once had a problem with whining or crying at night. The first couple of nights I put in a shirt that I had worn the day before in the crate with him. (The book said that your scent will calm the dog during those first nights.)

    Another good idea is to make sure your puppy had lots of play and exercise during the day. The more tired she is, the better she will sleep at night.

    Good luck! Oh, and please tell your dad to calm his temper. It's mean to punch her crate and she doesn't understand what he's saying anyway.

  2. I hEaRt BoUnCeR says

    Cover the crate with a sheet or a blanket when its time to go to bed. This will teach her that when the sheet is over the crate its night-night time. It's going to take some time but she will learn. Hopefully your dad will gain some patience with her. Punching the crate out of frustration is not the answer and only scares the puppy even more.

  3. Demon says

    Most new puppies will cry in their crates for at least a couple of nights. It's a new place and in some cases, they've never slept alone without their mothers and sisters before. Your job is to make the crate as comfortable and welcoming as possible and get your puppy used to the idea that she's going to be in there all night.

    Make the crate as pleasant as possible for your puppy. Put a comfortable bed or blanket in the crate. Feed her in the crate. Lure her in with treats. Give her lots of praise when she goes in. Leave it open during the day so she can go in and out as she pleases. Shut her in for short periods of time during the day and then let her out (while she's quiet) so she gets the idea that she won't be in the crate forever. Put toys in the crate.

    At bedtime, put your puppy in the crate. You can give her a treat and/or a toy (though not one that's going to make noise all night). If she's young and still missing her mom and siblings, you can try giving her a hot water bottle to simulate their warmth. A radio turned to a low stress talk station with the volume down low may also comfort her. Tell her good night and go to bed. Once she's in, you do not go to her or let her out again until the morning, unless you think she is going to soil the crate. If she cries and you go to comfort her or tell her to be quiet, she will quickly learn that crying is a good way to get you to come and pay attention to her. This also means that Dad can't go and bang on her crate anymore. Even negative attention can seem like a better option to a puppy than being all alone.

    You probably will have some sleepless nights for a week or two. But be persistent and she should accept the crate as her den and start sleeping through the night without crying.

  4. lump008 says

    Put a blanket over the crate it helps with the sound and then put it in the bathroom and shut the door. That's what we did with our poodle and he stopped after a week or so.

  5. Yo LO! © says

    I'm taking it that you just got the puppy....

    Give it time and have patience - It's going to take a little time for the puppy to get used to it. Not only that, but if you just brought the puppy home, then it's also missing it's dam and litter-mates - Nighttime is the worst.

    Tell your dad to absolutely NEVER punch the crate. It's going to scare the puppy and make it associate the crate with a bad experience.

    Invest in some earplugs until the puppy gets used to being in there.

  6. Nikki says

    well punching the crate certainly isn't going to do anything. it will probably scare her and make her cry more. try putting the crate in your room with you for a few nights, or just laying there with the dog until she goes to sleep, then leaving. you should only have to do this for a little while, then she should be fine.

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