What are some good toys for australian shepherd dogs?

potclovr: What are some good toys for australian shepherds?
I just got a new dog yesterday who is a 2 year old australian shepherd mix. We bought her one of those stuffed otters that squeak, but she shys away from it. We also bought her a frisbee which she doesn’t like either. Does anyone know of any toys i could give her to keep her busy?

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Answer by Emily S
try a Jolly ball-my aussie adores hers!
my aussie pup was scared of her squeaky toys at first, but she learned to play with them and now she LOVES them. it took her a month though.

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  1. Elsie K says

    As in one of the answers above, it recomends to try a jolly ball. Although aussies LOVE jolly balls, they tend to be a bit to expensive, and very fragile for this particular breeds teeth. I do recomend jolly balls for smaller breeds. (ie. pincers, white terriers, jack russels, or chihuhuhuas.) As for the australian shepherd, I don't really recomend anything with fur, or little hairs because of that, this may cause vometing, diherea, herls, and dizziness. What toys I do recomend is a medium sized Kong toy, filled with extra peanut butter! Those cost anywhere from 10-15 dollars in Canada- U.S.A. Some natural rahide, or even some beef jerkey will keep him busy for HOURS UPON HOURS! But the best toy, which I use for my aussie, is a damp face cloth which is frozen! He will go nuts for that also!

    I hope this helped a bit!

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