What are food recommendations for 7 year old Australian Shepherd?

Lubyloo: Dog food recommendations for 7 year old Australian Shepherd?
Can you recommend a good dog food for a 7 year old Australian Shepherd? My husband usually tries to buy the kind that has the most protein in it because it seems to make her more energetic, but I have no clue of that's right or not. We usually get Ol' Roy, the Wal-Mart store brand. Thanks!

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Answer by Confused_336
give her iams, my vet recommended the brand for my 4 dogs, my dogs love it. i also give them a little bit of ceaser, which is expensive, but dogs love it because its gourmet dog food.

Answer by xxvampiregirlkxx

Iams and Cesar are two of the worst dog foods EVER!!!!!

I feed my lab puppy Merrick dog food. Its the only thing that she will eat! You should get the Merrick senior dog food. She will love this food!

Other good foods are……..
Innova EVO
Blue Buffalo
Chicken soup for the pet lovers soul
Taste of the wild
Solid gold
Whites premium food
Also, I recommend a raw food diet or homemade dog food diet. Look it up on google. It is a great way foryour dog to eat healthy, live longer, and actually know whats going into your dogs food.

Bad dog food brands are……………
Mighty dog
Science diet
Gravy train
Don't buy any dog food from non- pet stores because usually those are the bad ones for your dog.

I think its great that your caring for your dogs nutritional needs! You must be a great pet owner! Keep up the good work!

Answer by santobugito

Anything that the main ingredient is meat. Ol Roy and Wal Mart brands are all corn and fillers. You won't find a good food in the grocery store. I've had good experiences with Natural Balance and Eagle Pack. You can get a formula for older dogs as well. It does cost more, but they eat less and poop less, so in the long run your actually buying it less often, and can save some money. Go into a place like Petland or Petsmart, and the back of the store is where they tend to keep the premium dog foods. This is an area where you get what you pay for. They keep the cheaper foods out front.

Answer by Chuckles

Ol' Roy is about one of the worst foods you can buy!

All dogs are different in what they like, and if it agrees with their stomachs.

Some good quality foods are :

Canidae http://www.canidae.com/

Wellness CORE http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/index.aspx

Taste of the Wild http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/

Blue Buffalo http://bluebuffalo.com/

Solid Gold http://www.solidgoldhealth.com

Eagle pack Holistic
Chicken Soup for the dog Lovers Soul

Never get low quality foods like :

Cesar, Ol' Roy, Purina, Pedigree, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, BilJac, Nutro , Dad's, Royal Canin, Mighty Dog
Or ANY grocery Store brand!

This website should be able to help you on picking out a good quality food. Stick on the 4-5-6 star range. http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/

Never get a dog food with Corn, Soy, and By-Products. But I would also suggest a wheat free dog food. When you change your dogs food to a better quality, you will notice these things :
Firmer Stool, Glossier Coat, and better overall health.

Some foods that are Great and the price is good for if you still want to feed your dog a good quality, but with a cheaper price. :

Diamond NATURALS – Feed Store (Make sure to get the NATURAL kind, the regular stuff is crap!)

Kirkland Signature – Costco

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  1. Kate C *Attackoftheb says

    Ol'roy is disgusting...

    Anything at walmart and most foods at common petstores are crap.

    This site can help you understand dog food a lot more: http://www.dogfoodproject.com
    Check out the "ingredients to avoid" and "Where the money goes" pages first. Those give you basics, then the rest get into detail.
    http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com has foods rated accurately.

    If you are interested in raw, research it and really consider it. It is the best I ever did for my three.

  2. Vivi D says

    These are some good dog foods:
    Solid gold
    Blue Buffalo

    Iams is not a good quality food at all. It has a lot of fillers.
    Check this website:
    It has the rating for different dog foods. Avoid giving your dog any brand which has been rated lower than 4.
    I feed my dog Solid Gold, and it is very good. It has no grains or fillers.
    Orijen is very good, too. But it has higher level of protein.

  3. Alexandra says

    This may sound weird, but go raw! It is the healthiest type of dog food and is what they ate in the wild. They were not made to eat grain. There are special stores for this type of dog food.

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