Training a rottweiler puppy not to bite?

Alex: How to train a rottweiler puppy not to bite?
I have a Rottweiler that really likes to bite. I have tried to train him but he just keeps on biting.She is already pretty big so the biting hurts kind of. Please help me teach her before she gets even bigger and she bites even harder. Thank You

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Answer by Jordan
When her teeth make contact with your skin, whether it hurts or not, make a high-pitched yelping noise. She will recognize this noise from the bite inhibition training she learned from her siblings and mother early on. She doesn’t understand the word “no” in this case, but she will understand the dog-word for “ouch”. Make sure it’s very loud and very sudden. To dogs yelp = pain = bad. She will look at you and be confused, but will stop for the moment. Keep up the yelping if she bites again. Eventually, she’ll get it.

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  1. Jamie S says

    How old is he? Is is just puppy mouthing? If it is still a puppy you need to teach it "bite inhibition." That he needs to be careful what he puts his teeth on. The way I teach it is every time a dog mouths my hand or any part of my body whether it is accidental or intentional they get the same thing every time. Dogs need consistency. I do not hold their mouth shut, and I do not hurt them. I either grab their collar or ear in a firm manner, but not pulling on it hard and say "DO NOT PUT YOUR TEETH ON ME!" It's better than a firm "NO!" or "NO BITE" in my opinion, because the "lecture" is a bit longer. They understand that you are angry with the thing they did. If it continues to get worse, you can get harder with the correction, and give a longer lecture. My boss has a pit she rescued from a fight bust with no bite inhibition. When she first came in to doggie daycare she would jump on me when I had treats and mouth my hands. After a few times of correcting her she does not bite me anymore. Good luck!

    My personal opinion is that the yelping does not work. I have tried it with several dogs and they don't understand. They know when I am angry I use a different tone of voice, so when I use that tone I dislike what you are doing.

  2. shelter dogs rock says

    when ever she bites scream your squeal really loud just like a puppy would if it got hurt. turn your back on her and ignore her. if this does work your may want to try a sound distraction-fill a plastic bottle full of rocks and shake it when she tries to mouth you, or throw a metal bowl on the ground. you could also try buying a can of compressed air like the stuff you buy to clean your computer keyboard or a water bottle and when she mouths you spray her with it.

    hope you get her to stop that will be a very big problem once she's grown
    good luck

  3. ∞Future Klee K says

    Grab her muzzle, look at her, and give a firm NO.

    A rottie that isn't trained never to bite is going to be a problem in the future. Don't ever let her put her mouth around you or anyone else in any way.

  4. Moon says

    Substitute a favored toy for your hand. In time she'll be more inclined to go for the toy than your fingers. I hope this helps.

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