The Samoyed dog has genetic problem?

Felicity: I heard that the Samoyed dog has this genetic problem if so what is it?
I have heard that the Samoyed has this genetic problem if it does have it, does the Japanese Spitz have it too?
the genetic problem i’m refering to is joint problems

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Answer by Lizzie
Please tell us which genetic problem you are referring to.

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  1. Goddess (and her lit says

    Hip dysplasia is a concern for Samoyeds, as are eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma. Like other purebred dogs, Samoyeds are prone to diabetes and other diseases if their owners aren't careful.

    However, the genetic disorder to which you are most likely referring to is "Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy". This is a renal disease known to be caused by an X-linked dominant faulty allele more severe in male Samoyeds. Carrier females do develop mild symptoms after 2-3 months of age, but do not go on to develop renal failure.

    I do not think that this disease is linked to the Japanese Spitz, but I haven't done any research on them specifically.

    I'll leave a link to a site that I've used before that has a "Guide to Hereditary and Congenital Diseases in Dogs"

    it's useful and informative and, sometimes, a little technical…and it's not all that fancy, but it's published by reputable sources (an association of vets)

    EDIT: yes, they do have a hereditary/congenital tendency towards joint problems:

    221. Osteochondritis dissecans:
    a specific form of inflammation of the cartilage of certain joints which causes arthritis. (see #221a).
    221a. Osteochondrosis:
    a group of developmental diseases resulting in abnormal formulation of joint cartilage. Commonly involves the shoulder, stifle, hock or elbow

    (that's from the website i used as a source)

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