Is Samoyed a good breed for beginners?

Lolz: Is Samoyed a good breed for beginners?

siberian samoyed dog breed
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Answer by B1tches Love Terry
Absolutely not, try a Lab or Poodle first

Answer by DreaD
Nope. I love my Sams, but I do not wish them on my worst enemy :) Here is a Q/A about them:

Are they trainable?
Sure, if you can trick them into thinking that doing what you want is more fun and more worthy than what they want. If you can figure out how to be smarter than the dog (which is rare) then yes, they are good dogs to own.

Do they really shed that much?

Sure they dont shed. They dont shed if you spend every second of every day brushing, combing, blowing and stripping coat out of them. If you cant dedicate time to grooming them it gets out of hand. I would suggest about half an hour a day. Oh and you have to clip their nails… and if they think they are smarter or more stubborn than you are, good luck.

Do they make good outdoor dogs?
YES! If you dont mind them escaping, digging up all of your favorite plants, barking and howling constantly, or eating the siding off the side of your house. You could train them not to do those things, but if you want to take the time to train them, just have them inside.

Are they really that difficult and stupid?
Stupid, no? Difficult, yes. They will figure everything and anything out. It takes me a whole 5 minutes to teach my Sam a trick because I know how to get inside their complex brains. The problem is that even though they know the trick they will refuse to do it if they think I have been unfair, havent given them the proper payment, or if they simply think that its just not that fun.

Could they make a good pet?
Sure… I love mine. I couldnt imagine my life without them. I would just be very very cautious and learn as much about the breed as possible before committing to a puppy.

Are all sams this bad?
No, but they can be. I have seen, more than once, someone who has gotten in over their head with a sam that outsmarts or outstubborns them. They are cool dogs.. if you can handle learning how to be a good owner.

I must explain something. Sams are not extremely difficult as long as you understand how to train and work with them. They can be wonderful pets but I would not suggest them for a first time dog owner, or someone who doesnt know anything about training and living with a dog.

Answer by Lui's my boy!
Wow, some of the other answers have surprised me, or maybe all the Samoyeds I have just met, and own are perfect! The only issue we ever had with my boy is his tendency to try (and sometimes succeed, though was caught very quickly) and escape. He did this often when he was younger, now he's 9 he has chilled out a bit. Though, to be fair, his escape desire was probably more likely to happen because he is intact (he's a show dog).

When trained and socialised well, they are lovely, friendly dogs. Very people orientated, they love everyone, yet are very gentle with those who they should be. They bark a lot, due to them being alert dogs, but provided you train, and have distractions available, this is decreased. They shed a lot, and require a lot of grooming. However, they have low dander, and hair/wool instead of fur, so are quite allergy friendly.

They are very energetic and never seem to get old. My boy is 9 and still gets crazy hyper when it is time for walks, and will run and play like a dog many years younger. They need a lot of exercise, but are always happy to curl up at your feet in the evening. Some are also thought to be hard to train, and are deemed stubborn. I think it's more them not wanting to do something boring, and they love fun, games and play, but if you make training fun and give lots of praise, they become quite obedient.

If you are willing to deal with the shedding, the grooming, the exercise, and the training, they are fantastic dogs. My boy was our first dog, and it honestly sounds like he (and all the other Samoyeds I have met over the years) was a unique example of a Samoyed. Over his years he has been an absolute delight. A fun family dog, getting on well with all the people and animals he has met. Never been nasty, never not wanted to do something with people, he's just been a fantastic dog.

Samoyeds can be fantastic pets. I love the breed, love my boy to bits (he is my best friend) and if people are up for the breed, then they will have a friend for life.

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  1. Elvis says

    my wife and I got a Samoyed as our first ever pet. (ok... not quite, but the goldfish all died)

    we read all the good, bad and scary things about them and we met a breeder. twice before we asked to be put on a waiting list.

    on visit one, we brushed, washed and then bowdryed one of the breeders dogs.

    on visit two, we did it all again and met the bitch and dog that would be our future pups parents.

    we were prepared going into it. we researched our breed a lot. And I do mean a LOT.

    I wouldn't swap him for the world. He's 14 months old now he's our best friend.

  2. Katrina says

    Take this advice, they are not. I didn't listen and got one from a shelter because she was so gorgeous. She had been brought there twice. (hello, red flag) But when she stuck her paw out to me in the cage, I had to have her. But even then, I noticed her attention span was very short. She drug me all over the place for her wasn't very pleasant. When I stopped to talk to someone, she got pissed because she was bored in those few seconds and jumped up at my face....LETS GO! That was intimidating and since then she's gotten a little better. But she tries to be boss. It's been two months now (and some tough days) and she's gotten a little more , uh....well lets say I've convinced her submitting to me has better rewards than not.

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