The personality differences between Male and Female Italian Greyhound dogs?

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Ozymandias: What are the personality differences between Male and Female Italian Greyhound dogs?
I am thinking of buying an Italian Greyhound puppy.

I am aware of the breed and done my research, however I am not able to find any information on the personality differences between male and females.

I have only ever owned female dogs, so… do male dogs who have been neutered suffer from the occasional ‘red rocket’ syndrome when they are playing or running/playing excitedly?

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Answer by frogy250
well you should get a female because males are aggressive which means they will fight with other dogs

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  1. Chelsea says

    I have a male IG and he is just wonderful. Right now he is almost 7 months old. He's just starting to get little red rockets occassionally if he's really excitedly playing. I am about to buy another, a female, and hopefully they do well together. As of right now my male is the only animal in the house. I will more than likely get one of them fixed, not sure which one yet. I want to do more research before I make that choice. My male loves to play but as soon as I sit down and call his name, he's in my lap in an instant ready to be a sweet little cuddler. I've heard males tend to like female owners more than male owners and I've heard the same for females liking male owners better. All I can say is I am absolutely in love with my male IG and I'm sure my female will be just as great too.

  2. SilvaniIGs says

    From my experience, the boys tend to ask, "What can I do for you?" while the girls have more of the attitude of, "What have you done for me lately?" Don't get me wrong, the girls are wonderful snugglers too, but it's more on *their* terms than with the boys. As to fighting, I've only had an occasional issue with the boys when there is a female in heat. If there is going to be an issue between them, it's usually between two alpha girls. Still, overall, very rarely are IGs scrappy, so you usually don't have to worry about it, especially if your IGs are spayed/neutered!

    All IGs will get the "zoomies" from time to time! My little girl (2yo) gets them at 9pm every night…it's a hoot to watch her! IGs love to chase, and an excellent toy to help work out some of thier energy is a horse's lunge whip with a small stuffed toy on the end. I call mine my "fishing for iggies pole." Once they get out of puppyhood, most IGs are content to curl up and sleep most of the day.

    It sounds like you've already done some research, but if you haven't seen it already, the Italian Greyhound Club of America's website is an excellent place to start!

    Be careful where you get your IG, please don't buy from a pet store or a large-scale breeder! (The IGCA's website above is a great place to find good breeders.) Also, ask the breeder if the parents have been health tested. While generally healthy, there are a few issues that pop up, like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), slipped kneecaps, seizures…ask if the parents have had their CERF exam (for PRA) and have had their knees checked, at the very least.

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your new iggy!

  3. momma1 says

    It has been my experience as a dog trainer that males react and females think.
    Remember there are exceptions to every rule but. With a male dog once he learns a command he responds instantly.
    Military dogs are given a command to go through a fire wall to deliver a message or medication. and off he goes. Mostly males are used when this type of reaction is necessary.
    Service Dogs, ie seeing eye dogs usually are females. If her owner gives her a command to go forward she takes a moment to check if a ledge is too low for her owner, if there is a curb on the way, if there are cars coming and will actually refuse to follow orders if the owner is putting himself in any danger.
    So the question is what do you want your dog to do.
    To answer your second question yes they do.

  4. City Girl says

    On the contrary, the female can be as aggressive as the male. Depending on how you raise them it’s really NO big difference… the only difference will be around the time of mating. The female hound will become more submissive to other male dogs. The male will be more anxious… and territorial. If you have other female dogs, neutering him would be a good ideal. Also if you neuter him he will act more calm and may gain weight so exercise is of importance. Hope I helped!

  5. my own pavement says

    Personality is determined more so by the individuals dog genetic background and growing up. The genders have little contribution to the dog's character. There are just a lot more factors to consider.

    Intact males are said to be more cuddly and easy going than females, however you can argue this. It really depends on each dog.

    And even neutered dogs can physically pop out like that, but usually not. At least I have never seen a neutered dog exposed in that way.

  6. ♥Loves her Se says

    When I was little, my uncle was given an Italian Greyhound as a gift for handling a few in the show ring and winning big. The dog was cute during the summer, but during the fall and winter he would have to keep a large sweater on the dog to keep the poor girly from shivering. She was really frail and he ultimately had to return her to the breeder because the winters in NJ were too extreme.

    I'm not sure how durable the males are versus the females, but they do better in warm weather.

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