The difference between a female and a male italian greyhound dog?

ajhuvggfdh: what is the difference between a female and a male italian greyhound?
my family wants to get an italian greyhound,but we don't know which gender to get.mybe boys are more active or something.if that's true then we should get a tell me,what's the difference?

Italian Greyhound
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Answer by DRAFT DOG
Being that the breed is HARD to housebreak, I would get a girl....since boy are even SLOWER.

Answer by BYB's are trail
The IG boys I've known have been VERY difficult to housebreak. Some have been clingy and some have been aloof and skittish. Some have been goofy silly dorks. One was protective and aggressive towards other dogs.

My IG is a girl and is needy, energetic, and sometimes skittish.
My friend's Female IG is a grumpy poo-poo head most of the time.

It's more important to get a dog that you get along with – male or female.
IG's are a pretty needy breed to own – be sure you've done ALL the homework –

And be sure to use ONLY an EXCELLENT breeder. They are loaded with health concerns like
Luxating Patellas
Horrible Teeth
Brittle Bones and more.

Bad breeding makes these things show up more, and badly bred dogs are usually much more temperamental (and mental).
And don't forget rescue. More and more are showing up.

Answer by Tay
But Female Dogs Have PERIODS Some to me its kinda equal i reccomend a male dog even though it craps all over the place

Answer by bluemesa159
IGs, as already noted, are notoriously hard to housebreak.
Girls tend to be easier to housebreak. Boys can be harder, not to mention the inherent problem of 'leg lifting'. The walls will be 'targets', not only the floors.
Boys, on the other hand, tend to be more mellow & loyal

So, there is good & bad in any choice.
For a GREAT resource, check out It's a forum dedicated to everything IG. If you need IG assistance, that's the place to go.

Answer by Muse#1Fan
I can't tell you specifics for this particular breed but the rule of thumb in dogs is:
Bitches tend to be more mellow than males, except during heat of course.
Males tend to be more lively and boisterous, especially when a near by female is in heat.
BUT: If you neuter, then there really is no difference: you'll have a more serene and chilled out and healthier pooch.

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  1. EnchantedGypsy says

    Italian Greyhounds (aka IGs) are tiny sighthounds. In general with the sighthound breeds males bond closer to one individual and prefer to stay near that person. Females tend to be more fickle and will wonder off and mingle with other people.

    Every dog in any breed is an individual though and personalities & activity-levels will vary....

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