The normal asking price for breeding pure-breed English Bulldogs?

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AngelFish: What is the normal asking price for breeding pure-breed English Bulldogs?
My husband wants to offer our male bulldog out as a stud, and in return, he wants the pick of the litter and $ 1,000.00. Is this too much? What is the going market for breeding bulldogs?

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Answer by bassetnut
Seems excessive to me, unless your dog has done really well at the shows, is fully health-tested and has a record of producing champions.

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  1. Grace says

    Stud fees are usually only $ 500 or pick of the litter. Even though Bulldogs sell for $ 1500 and up, they usually have small litters and the owners of the female have the most costs in the pregnancy so that is why the stud fee is low compared to the price of the dogs.

    Unless you have reputable breeders asking to breed to your dog (which I doubt is the case since you have no clue what a normal stud fee is), he comes from top champion bloodlines and has been health tested I suggest getting him neutered.

  2. julie d says

    I would say it would not be excessive if your boy was in the top 20 Bulldogs in the country. But if that were the case, you sure wouldn't be asking about this here. You would be too busy answering the phone with all the requests you would have for your boy. Please have him neutered and purchase another puppy from a reputable breeder. If you only knew the $ I'm spending on my 5 year old rescue Bulldog because of many serious health issues, you would think twice about breeding. Also, you have no control of the health care of the B***h, or where all the other pups in the litter will end up.

  3. cav mom says

    a BYB may do it for a puppy but forget the money. the female will have to have a c-section as bull dogs don't deliver normally. no reputable breeder will breed to your dog unless he has an outstanding pedigree they are looking for and he is an outstanding specimen which i dought.

    you might also check and see if the bull dog breeds natural or do they require ai (artificial insemination). this will require the stud to go to vet. and have semin collected and deposited in female . this will need to be done 3 times. don't know the cost ask vet.

  4. jennifer w says

    The going rate for an english bulldog is $ 1500-$ 3000 depending on bloodlines. The usual studd fee is 1 or 2 puppies or the cash equivalent. I would ask for one or the other. But not both

  5. Michelle L says

    Well of course a pit lover would feel 1000.00 is too much money. Because they don't know what it is like to have a top quality dog!!!Period. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with breeding a quality dog. People that tend to pay more for their dogs…take care of them. The over population isn't because of bulldogs…it is because of pits.
    1000.00 isn't to much at all. Most top quality bulldogs sell for 1500.00 to 3000.00. As long as they have champion bloodlines…

  6. durdenslabs says

    Yep, to much. First of all — has your male been OFA certified? What makes him so good (is he a champion or has a pedigree full of champions)? Is he going to better the breed (great temperament, meets/exceeds breed standards & confromation)?
    The only "going market" is for GOOD, HEALTHY, CHAMPION, CONFORMATIONALLY SOUND English Bulldogs.
    If you have actually done the above referenced things then you can either get pick of the litter OR a stud fee of approximately $ 1000. That is ONLY if your dog is a champion, health certified, great temper, and exceeds breed standards.

  7. Pit Bully Love says

    You're asking WAY too much, and you shouldn't be studding out your Bulldog.

    If you don't already know the answer to this question, you should NOT be studding/breeding.

    Yahoo is NOT the place to find out things like this.

    Please have your male Neutered and do us all a favor and don't breed.

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