The difference between Purina One and Pro Plan?

Cara B: What’s the difference between Purina One and Pro Plan?
The ingredients for the large breed puppy formulas are almost identical, as is the guaranteed analysis. The price seems to be the only difference I can find.

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I would just buy whichever one is cheaper. They just sell the name.

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  1. BRIT says

    I feed Purina Pro Plan, and my dogs look very good and they eat it some much better than cheap food. go to Petsmart and buy it with your pet perks card it save a little and it is well worth the money, I just think it is the top of the line dog food adn trust me I have tried everything.

  2. tom l says

    Actually the MAJOR difference is "Purina One" is sold in a grocery store and "Pro-Plan" is sold in a feed store, and the difference is 99% marketing. I switch back and forth between the two depending on where I am when I need dog food. I go through 112.5 pounds a week (three 37.5 pound bags)

    Now there is a big difference between "Purina Performance" and "Pro-Plan Performance", or just plain "Purina Dog Chow" and "Pro-Plan".

  3. EJ says

    Pro Plan is the better quality. The Purina chows are very generic, and not the best quality (the name sells, though)
    Purina One is better, even though it has the same content and guaranteed analysis, Pro Plan is the better of the two, using higher quality, fresher ingredients.
    Look at for more info..
    Hope this helps..

  4. chihuahua lady says

    The pro plan has the better quality food. It is the top grade Purina food. It is worth the extra money.

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