Would you rather feed your dog Pedigree or Purina?

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Bulldogs are the best!: Would you rather feed your dog Pedigree or Purina Dog food?
I own two dogs a yorkie and a American Staffordshire terrier.Is it better to feed them pedigree or purina. They are both a year old and healthy dogs. I am having a hard time finding a food that they like.
purina natural dog food
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Answer by Hayden Rose
I wouldn't feed my dogs any of those brands, I feed my pups Innova.

Answer by Randy
I have a American Staffordshire terrier he is a beautiful dog i used to feed him pedigree for older dogs an he loved it , it kept him healthy an kept him built .. i had to change him to ole roy for the last two mnths an it has taken its tole on his skin an coat – now ive got him on purina an gonna try that for awhile as my vet told me to put him back on one of the two an just keep him active , that the natural food is great for your animal if u have that kind of funds as my dogs can go thru a 40 pound bag of dog food in no time an yet he is not fat ! i wouldnt recommend that u feed your dog anything lower then pedigree or purina as its not good for your animal .. just had to put my thoughts in there

Answer by jimmy
Either one is fine. Use to feed diamond til i got a bad batch(diarrhea) All the responses about these being inferior to the expensive brands crack me up. These two started the dry food and have ben around decades longer than any other brand for a reason. I really like that pedigree has kibble in it to clean teeth. Purina supports teeth too and have ben making dog chow since 1926. Dogs are animals. They eat other dead animals, feces, chew on wood for fun. just feed them a good quality food that’s affordable to you and as they get older and gain weight and become less active switch to a maintenance food.

Answer by jimmy

pedigree and purina those are two horrible horrible brands, they are filled with corn fillers and by-products! they have no nutrients at all!
i would recommend brands like: wellness,  innova, evo, halo, blue, orijen,
and there are many many more good natural dog foods and hollistic ones..
just make sure that you know how to read the label to determine which is good and which is not.

Answer by Hazel86
Both pedigree and purina are low quality foods and have fillers and corn…..to be honest these foods are crap contrary to their advertising…Go to a pet store and find foods with the same or even LOWER prices that have FAR better quality such as Blue Buffalo, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's soul, Natural Balance, FROMM, wellness, and eagle holistic–these are all excellent foods for less or not much more than purina….

Iams, Eukanuba, and Science Diet beleive it or not are low quality foods but they are on average more expensive than some higher quality foods in pet stores due to popularity through false advertising. Remember to gradually change their diet over a 2 week period to prevent bad diarrhea and gas in your dogs. Please don't feed pedigree or purina, they are not nutrional healthy foods in the least.

Answer by NaturalDogHealth
NEITHER!! Here is also a list of bad pet food brands:
Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Nutro max, Goodlife recipe, Science Diet, Prescription Diet, Gravy train, alpo, amore, Pedigree, Natures Recipe, Bil jac, royal canin, etc.
Please, do not feed your dog those foods!

As a dog nutritionist I recommend a rmb (raw meat and bones) diet! This is the best your dog can get, natural, healthy, flavorful and very good for dogs with dental problems. Ever since Zodi was started on the diet, he has been free of any health problems (fleas, hotspots, worms, infections ect). If you worry about parasites/bacteria, dogs can handle these, they have been fine for thousands of years on this diet. Commercial (canned/dry kibbles) pet food has only been around for 60 years, and how did the dogs survive before these? Raw meat and scraps. So if they were fine then, they will be fine now.

Commercial pet food causes VERY bad reactions in dogs because most of them have preservatives that have been banned in people food because they caused tumors, birth defects, allergies, liver/heart failures and other bad things.. Some of them even have euthanized animals (even pets!) in them ("meat by-products", "meat and bone meal", "meat meal"). Corn, which is a main ingredient in most pet foods, is an allergy trigger in many cats and dogs and is not needed. It is used as a cheap filler.

Many vets are inexperienced with animal nutrition, and will recommend the wrong food. Sometimes they are ever bribed to recommend pet foods. But on with feeding raw.
This diet is about 70% meat and bones and the rest is organs, vegetables, fruits, oils and vitamins. Do not bother adding grain or dairy, for dogs do not need these and cannot use them. For energy dogs use fats from animals. If you worry about exact nutrition, please don't, when you make dinner for you or your family you don't say "I need Xcups salad, Xcups beef, Xcups beans and three multi-vitamin supplements." so why stress about your dog? As said earlier, before commercial pet food, no one fed a strict diet, and ther dogs were fine. So dont worry.

I listed some recipes below.
Chicken Dinner (for a 30-40 lb dog)
1 pound chicken (with bone)
1 egg
1/2 cup vegetables
vitamin supplement

Beef and Sardine
1/2 pound beef (with bone)
2 fresh wild sardines
1 carrot
1 banana or apple

Lamb Breakfast
Lamb necks
1 tomato
1 egg

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