July 23, 2014

The difference between mini and regular australian shepherd?

Question by southsc22: how to tell the difference between mini australian shepherd and regular australian shepherd?
How do you tell the difference between a mini australian shepherd and regular australian shepherd?

My Australian Shepherd is about 11 months old and 20 pounds. I am thinking she is a mini but I don’t know because I got her from some one that got her from someone else and had no papers and I can’t talk to them. Any ideas?
Prople are saying different things, I dint know what is right.

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Answer by King Kirby
that’s weird

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  1. yes! i think so your aussies is not a mini..because of its size definitely…its just normal of his age ..

    she is still growing and gaining more pounds.

  2. I think he still a puppy..

  3. bcdawgma44 says:

    At 11 months old & 20 pounds I would guess your dog is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. My 2 yr old Mini Aussie boy is 15 1/2" tall & weighs just under 18 pounds.
    Miniature Australian Shepherds are 14" – 18" @ the withers.
    Australian Shepherd females are 18" – 21" @ the withers.
    Australian Shepherd males are 20" – 23" @ the withers.

    Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America: http://mascaonline.com/
    Australian Shepherd Club of America:

  4. Maltese Mom says:

    At 11 months old and only 20 lbs she must be a mini. A standard size female would be 40 – 55 lbs and male 50 – 65 lbs.

  5. Aussies aren't really big dogs to begin with, some females only topping out at thirty pounds or so. So I doubt that she is a "mini", plus she is a puppy. She is still growing. She'll most likely gain several more pounds in the next seven months or so.

  6. Doglover says:

    definitly not mini!!! At my agility class theres 2 mini aussies and they are less than 2 pounds!!!

  7. Size difference. I think life span is a little shorter in a miniature.
    But I think your dog is a normal aussie dog.

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