The difference between Canidae’s new formula and Nutro Natural Choice?

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Pilot ~ canine son!: Can you tell me the difference between Canidae’s new formula and Nutro Natural Choice dry food??
I feed Pilot Nutro Natural Choice dry food, and I’d LOVE to get your input on Canidae! The comparison, the ingredients? Cost is no issue to me. Comments on the new Canidae ingredients as I’ve heard it has changed??

I forgot to mention if chicken is an ingredient: Pilot is allergic to “chicken”. :o(

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Answer by Shanna
I wouldn’t feed my dogs Nutro. Nutro is a company that imports ingredients as well as uses chemicals in their formulations, which Canidae doesn’t do. Also, Nutro uses Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex which is a synthetic vitamin K known to cause liver problems in animals yet they continue to use it.
In my opinion, Canidae is hands down better than any Nutro product.

Edit: Here’s a good article about Menadione/Synthetic K and why you shouldn’t buy a food that uses it:

Edit: Peachy, Diamond also manufactures Solid Gold, so if Canidae is going down hill, so is Solid Gold along with many others including Chicken Soup brand, Natural balance and Wellness. It’s not the manufacturer that makes dog foods suck, it’s the ingredients.

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  1. ramon says

    It is ridiculous to even compare Nutro to Canidae. Nutro is junk food. Canidae is high quality food. Nutro uses menadione, corn gluten, rice gluten, pea protein, wheat, soy, menadione and generic fats. Canidae uses none of these inferior ingredients.

  2. Iggy's Spoiled says

    I went to Royal Canin for all my dogs this last week, and they seem to love it, I took off the Nutro Max and Natural Choice per my vet, due to the new ingredients they are adding, can cause intestinal problems.

    and I had Bo and Koda on Canidae, and had to take them off due to runny stools, now all my dogs are on Royal Canin…….

    I have had my dogs on Nutro, and Natural for 15 yrs or so, and never a problem, always great fo their coats and skin, but the past fewq wks, they have backed off of eating it….so called my vet and he said to switch and not feed it to them again…so I did.

    the Royal Canin has more corn and wheat in it, but no chemicals thus far, read the ingredient label…….

    and I dont know what Canidae is doing but made Bo and Koda sick…

    it took 4 days after I switched them to stop the stools from running away with them….and honey I mean it was bad, never had to kennel either one of these babies but for 4 days last week, my 2 babies had to sleep in the kennels, that or buy all new carpets..

    Bo took off to the door last Monday and barking, I thougth someone was trying to break in on me, no it he took off and pooped 2 times bad, and then came back in and laid down….

    I had to boil them some chicken…….all is okay now, but I would not feed Canidae, till we see why this happened, vet again said something in the ingredients, I took a sample of the food to him, he had it sent out to be tested to see what is different and what is not listed on the bag, hope maybe nothing and they just kinda over ate, but this has never happened till I got the new bag from Canidae, I always order on line direct from them……

    we shall see…..

    Right now, I would feed neither to them, not Natural or Canidae, but that is up to you……I have also contacted Canidae by emails, no answer yet…… vet said maybe just some added ingredient that will not agree with some dogs tummies…they are fine now and went on our camping trip with us this last week, and were fine…

    just be sure kiddo, you read the ingredient label twice……I have not heard that anyone else has had problems with Nutro, Natural or Canidae……so it just could be the new formula wont agree like my vet said.

    Hey, have you ever seen a bear poop in the woods, a mess huh, that is what it looked like when poor Bo and Koda was going…yeeewwwww

    hope everyone had a wonderful weekend…

    I did…

  3. Thatgirltasha says

    I have an American Bulldog who is allergic to everything. In addition, she was literally starved and kept in a tiny cage long enough for her back legs to have atrophied before we adopted her.

    Because of her past, the normal regiment of steroid shots for her skin have to be kept to a minimum (to prevent further bone damage.)

    But, Canidae has been an absolute miracle for her. I realize this does not really answer your question but, I have not noticed any difference in the new version and Yeti is practically allergic to air and water.

    My "source" below is a glamor shot of Yeti ; )

  4. Peachy says

    I just heard a lot of folks in my breed saying that Canidae's new formula is causing their dogs to have loose stools, some are getting used to it, some aren't. I guess that Diamond is now manufacturing for Canidae. So I think that Canidae is kind of going downhill.

    If I were you, I'd try Solid Gold Wolf King. Bison and Salmon are the #1 ingredients. Solid Gold is a good food.

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