August 5, 2014

The difference between a teacup Yorkie and a normal Yorkie?

Question by Ashlee: What is the difference between a teacup Yorkie and a normal Yorkie?
I have a Yorkie-Pomeranian and was wondering what makes a teacup yorkie that?Does it have something to do with their genetics?

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Answer by success_marker
A “teacup” anything is a runt with a fancy label attached to the breed to make it appear more desirable. They are usually very small and have health problems.

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  1. caninelover says:

    There is no such thing as a teacup Yorkie. It's a marketing term that unethical breeders use to label dogs that they breed that will remain extremely small (and likely unhealthy) as adults–something that NO REPUTABLE breeder would do.

    And to correct a previous comment, these extremely small dogs referred to as "teacups" do not "have fewer puppies." They are capable of producing just as many pups as a healthy sized Yorkie. (What on Earth would give you that indication?) One of very many reasons why the practice is NOT a good idea.

  2. pppbbblllttt says:

    Here is all you need to know:

  3. lauriemdc says:

    It really is just a marketing gimmick. There is no such thing as a "Teacup Yorkie". All Yorkies, no matter their size, are in the Toy group of dogs- They all are Toy Yorkshire Terriers.

    The breed standard is under 7lbs, just because a Yorkie may weigh 4.5 lbs, it is just a small Yorkie, not a Teacup anything.

    Also, by continuing to interbreed the smaller Yorkies(runts), the breeder is interbreeding genetic defects that contribute to the smaller size, such as liver shunts. They have more problems with seizures and can experience sudden death from neurological problems. Sad for the owner and very sad for the pup.

    We must not keep this cycle of bad breeding going, by continuing to use the term Teacup or to make it seem to be desire able- it is just tragic for all involved except the money hungry breeders and puppy mills! Rescue, rescue, rescue! And love your Yorkiepom!

  4. Since there is no minimum size in the Yorkie breed standard I guess that any Yorkie that weighs less than 7 pounds is within standard. Even if it was only 1 ounce.
    So sorry, no "Teacups" in that breed. They are either within the breed standard or they are to big.

    From the breed standard:

    Less than seven pounds"

    There is no other mention of size in the standard

  5. Memphis Belle ~ Rol says:

    Put simply the breeder.

    There is only one type of Yorkshire Terrier recognised by the UK Kennel Club. The breed standard will allow some variation in height/weight ect, but all responsible breeders breed for health, stability, function & with the breed standard in mind. Responsible Yorkshire Terrier breeders would never label their dogs as teacup.

    "Teacup" is a prefix used by irresponsible breeders who see $ when they breed tiny undersized dogs to supply a demand by people who undertake no/scant research or purchase on a whim.

    After all if a teacup pup is expensive it *has* to be well bred…..{so the logic of buying one of these pups goes.}

  6. There is'nt such a thing as teacup anything,the only thing that makes a tiny dogs is mating 2 small dogs and continue on down the line till all pups come out small..There are breeding the dog that makes a runt tiny and then you are paying the price for a RUNT..I have pekingese and 3 are very tiny and in China were called sleeve pekes as they were carried around in the sleeves of the emperors robes

  7. Bklyn born Jerzy bre says:

    I have a 2 yr. old "teacup" yorkie. That means nothing more than the runt of the litter. She does not have any health problems. She's in great health.

  8. yes, it has everything to do with their genetics. bad ones.
    there's no such thing as a teacup yorkie, that's the name BYB's and puppy mills give to the runt ones so that they can sell them for big bucks!

  9. Apricot Toy Poodle L says:

    Sometimes they are normal sized yorkies being called teacups, other times they are the runts being called teacups, other times they are from ill bred unhealthy runt parents. Either way, one should never buy one EXCEPT from a shelter or rescue who isn't out to rob the ignorant public.

  10. teacup animals are just a lot smaller than the breed is supposed to be. very expensive dogs.
    and i would think they are harder to care for.

  11. thefinalresult says:

    teacup is a genetic freak and should be fixed and never used for breeding


    You have a MUTT/MONGREL!

    "Teacup" *anything* is NON-EXISTENT-unless one DRINKS from one.

    "Teacup" is A LIE used by puppymilling crooks to peddle CRAP to the lazy & gullible!


  13. Arabella York says:

    they are the same dog, its just the teacup is a cute name for the really small ones. there is nothing different about thm genetically. they dont have smaller puppies, maybe fewer, but not smaller.

  14. DANNIEL H says:

    yes it does. most teacup yorkies are either runts of a yorkie litter or the off spring of inbreeding, or the offspring of other teacups.

  15. It's a runt. See, they take the runt of the litter and breed with other runts to make another runts so they can give it a fancy name and rip people off.

  16. they are actually smaller and usually can fit in the palm of your hand

  17. Sydney S says:

    one is way smaller than the other!!!

  18. Rayven - Wishes it w says:

    Normal yorkies come from good breeders.

    Teacup come from BYBs and Puppymillers looking to make money off their itty bitty runts.

    The Breed standard calls for a dog between 4 and 7lbs. Why would anyone want something like that?

    The teacup phenom started when a tiny Chi pup was photographed sitting in a teacup. Many people were led to believe it was an adult win in truth it was puppy.

    Teacups are bred from runts and in some cases are premature pups who managed to survive being born early. No breed club or KC recognizes teacups and never will.

  19. sianrees1979 says:

    a tea cup yorkie is a runt whih irresponsible brreders breed to sll for stupid amounts of money to people who don't know any different.

    a normal yorkie comes under the kc standard for the breed

  20. Channel16WaitingForA says:

    There is no such thing as a "teacup" yorkie (or anything) so the rule of thumb when you see that name attached to any pooch for sale is that it is coming from a backyard breeder and you do not want to get that (or any other animal) from those kind of people.

    A normal yorkie matches the AKC standards but it still could come from a BYB so make sure that it has AKC papers and has shots and worming and it raised indoors with knowledgeable people that do not have a crapload of breeding dogs (especially if they have different breeds!)

  21. walking lady says:

    A so-called "teacup" is an undersized yorkie bred by backyard breeders and then marketed as something desirable, when in fact, all it is is a very, very poor quality, undersized, unhealthy yorkie. Yes, it's genetics – if you consistently breed undersized dogs to undersized dogs you get more undersized dogs.

  22. Rotten Rotts says:

    A tea cup yorkie is a china teacup with a yorkie painted on it.
    There are normal yorkies. That's it no gray area
    anything else is a runt

  23. It does have to do with genetics. Tea cups are a term for poorly bred, underweight yorkies. They are runts of two litters being bred together to make smaller dogs, which makes them very unhealthy. The yorkie club of america has a statement about it on their website, you should check it out. "tea cup" is not an official designation, but one made up by unethical breeders to sell puppies.

  24. They breed runt to runt so it will be smaller and call it a teacup.

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