Why does my Yorkie always smell after being outside, is there a shampoo?

: Why does my Yorkie always smell after being ouside, even if just for few minutes? Is there a special shampoo ?
My 2yr old Yorkie, Max, always comes in from outside smelling like he’d been out all day. And this is even if only out there for couple of minutes. Was wondering if I need a better shampoo, I’ve just been wasing him with Hartz flea and tick.

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Answer by Ty B
What’s he getting in to?

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  1. Indel says

    Not true for all dogs. Some dogs need to be washed often to prevent smells and other skin conditions like itching and flaking. Find out about the breed and hair/fur type so you understand and know how often to bathe your friend.

  2. victoria says

    ur not really meant to wash ur dog.
    thts prob y it smells.. coz u wash it 2 much

    if u do wash it, u shud wash it about 1-2 times a year

  3. hellosunshine_hb says

    The moisture outside can give them the "wet dog smell", even though they may seem to be completely dry. Also, the fresh air oxidizes their skin and fur, which can bring out their natural odours more strongly (like a fine wine, lol). The smell usually goes away after a few minutes… you can help the process by rubbing her down with a dry towel when she comes in, to get any moisture out of her hair.

  4. ladybug30_98 says

    My Yorkie is the sae way. You can buy puppy perfume at Petsmart. It doesn't hurt the dogs in any way and makes them smell good. Also tr using the bathing cloths that you can get at Petsmart also. Another thing you can use is a dry shampoo. All of these are ways to keep yur dog smelling good in between baths.

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