The difference between a Spitz and a Pomeranian breeds?

girl23: What’s the difference between a Spitz and a Pomeranian?
In terms of size and physical appearance.
Is a Spitz larger than a Pomeranian?

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Answer by Peekablue
A Pomeranian is a type of Spitz.

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  1. ainawgsd says

    A pomeranian is a specific spitz-type breed. Spitz is a general term describing several similar (and many of them related) breeds with a thick double coat, small erect ears, and a tail that curls over their back. Samoyeds, Finish Spitz, and American Eskimo dogs are some other spitz breeds that come instantly to my mind.

  2. Shelby M says

    Spitz is larger and has darker fur. The pomerainian is mostly short tempered, shorter, and lighter/orange fur. Spiztz' have different markings

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