How much exercise a Pomeranian need a day?

Love Life! <3: How much excercise should a Pomeranian need a day?
How many minutes of "excercise"(walking) at these ages?

1) How much excercise should a pomeranian need at 5 months?

2) How much excercise should a pomeranian need fully grown?

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Answer by Divapom

Poms are very active. because of their small size they can actually be exercised in the house. A good game of chase the ball, or my poms favorite, catch the cat toy are great. at 5 months their stamina is not real great so exercise him a few times a day for short periods until he acts a little tired. Also, don't forget to take him on walks and socialize him. Play dates with other small dogs that are dog friendly are great also. Do not take him to dog parks. Some dogs will look at him as prey and it only takes a few seconds for another dog to injure or kill him. Even rough play can hurt him. Also, you don't know if the other dogs at the park are UTD on their vaccines or what their behavior is.
As he gets older you can increase his activity. My pom loves doing agility and is really good at it. Actually he is now old enough to start in a beginning obedience class. This will be great for his socialization also.

Answer by koukla512

Pomeranians are fairly active dogs, but they are good for small apartments because a 30 minute walk is good enough for this pup. Try walking it for 60 minutes total by the end of the day, however u split it up. 30 minutes morning, 30 minutes at night. Also try taking it to a dog park to socialize well with other dogs and get exercise at the same time. Pomeranians tend to be nasty towards other dogs if not socialized properly.

Answer by Sam

Well, though all Pomeranians are biologically similar, there is one X factor which determines how much it will have to walk:

How far can you punt it?

Answer by toheart650

Answer by alldaway18

its legs are little so like if you think you walked a 1/4 a mile the pomeranian probably walked a mile!!! like 15 to 20mins a day (at least) for any age

Answer by BAKON!!!

just walk it any time ur free

Answer by niceandhot7

pups at 5 munts of age should get at least 30 min. each day and fully grown dogs should get up to 60 min to a hour 3 to 4 times each week ;]


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