The difference between a doggy day care and a boarding kennel?

i<3bentley: what is the difference between a doggy day care and a boarding kennel?
i either want to own a doggy day care or a boarding kennel. im confused about what the difference is.

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Answer by Lindsay B
You should know the difference since you’ve already been here asking about starting up a boarding kennel!

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  1. chowchow155 says

    Having worked at both a boarding kennel and currently a doggie daycare I can tell you that there is usually a big difference between the two.
    Boarding kennels keep dogs in individual kennels or runs during the day and over night. Dogs are then taken out on leash for short potty break walks a couple times a day and then placed back by them self in their kennel.

    Doggie Daycare's care for you dog during the day similar to child daycare. Dogs are socialized together in groups were they can play and interact with other dogs and staff without being stuck in a cage or kennel. Dogs should be screened for behavior issues before being admitted in to a doggie daycare. The idea is that at the end of the day you pick up a tired, happy dog that's played all day.

    Sometimes the 2 ideas merge together and you get what are now being called your upscale Pet Resorts. These places offer over night stays like a boarding kennel, but with the freedom of social play time amongst other dogs and more attentive staffing like a doggie daycare. Dogs that stay at Pet Resorts like this are typically less stressed out during their stay then at a normal boarding kennel.

  2. Just Surfin says

    Daycare usually only lasts for the day, without overnight options.

    A boarding kennel usually boards for overnight stays.

  3. Kat says

    well in my experience with the kennels and day cares near me… a boarding kennel has many animals where the people take care of their daily needs, usually cheaper. Day cares usually have fewer animals and pay closer attention to each pet and gives them play times and often group play sessions. much more expensive though. some day cares around me actually give each dog/cat a room with a couch and a TV!

  4. nikko,Peke lover says

    A day care is just that,you bring your dog for say a few hours or working hours.A kennel boards your dog when your away for a few days,week or a month..

  5. tammy f says

    A doggie day care is just a cutesy way to say boarding kennel. They do the same job. A lot of the "doggie day cares" offer more upscale services such as real time pet web cams so that owners can see their pets remotely, and other such add-ons.

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