Should I leave my 4 month old puppy in a boarding kennel?

enigma: Can I leave my 4 month old pup in a boarding kennel?
I have to attend a family function.My 4 month old pup has all the shots(Rabies,Distemper and Bordatella).Is it ok to leave him in a boarding kennel.He will be with my other 2 year old dog.

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Answer by Sweetie
It should be okay, but talk to your vet and one of the people at the kennel.

Answer by BOSCO37

I work at a Veterinary Clinic and a kenneling facility. While i agree with what some of the people have said I also disagree with some of it too. Bare in mind that I realize that a lot of vet clinics and kennels are different than the ones I work at. First of all your dog will do fine at his age with all his vaccinations. Some vet clinics (ours for example) wants young dogs to have been vaccinated for a while before we board them just because of all the different sicknesses that come into the clinic. Even when we bleach everything there's no 100% guarantee that your kiddo won't come in contact with something. As for kennels. It can be quite a shock for a dog to be left in a strange place, usually with cement floors, and chain fence, and a WHOLE bunch of other dogs barking etc.

At the kennel i work at we check on the dogs every half an hour and clean up any messes we find. We do one large cleaning every 2 hours just to ensure that they are always in a clean space. We feed high quality food (our kennel breeds english spaniels and are highly regarded for their dogs) and we feed the dogs the same food that the spaniels are food. Owners are encouraged to bring their own food, toys etc. Just be prepared that if you do bring your own toys, blankets etc they may not be coming home because all of a sudden your dog isn't getting the attention they're used to and boredom sets in and they start tearing stuff apart. I think it will be more bearable for your dogs as well because you can most likely choose to have them kenneled together, this will atleast give them something familiar aroudn them. Also check with the kennels, some kennels offer exercise programs while others dont. Some dogs at the kennel I work with get two half hour off leash play sessions in a huge compound. While at the vet clinic because we're predominantly a hospital, the boarding animals only get a 7 minute walk/potty break in the am and pm and at lunch. The kennels at vet clinics are often smaller than ones you would find at a kennel facility. So do your homework, don't be afraid to ask questions, if they seem like they're hiding something they probably are. We have "staff only" signs at both places but if you ask for a tour we immediately give you one and show you EVERYTHING so that you know exactly where your pet will be. These are your pets/kids, and you want the best for them! So check out your options and good luck!


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  1. boxmaker40 says

    I think it should be ok. I just hope your not gone long.
    Pups really need alot of attention and love, and they don't
    always take good care of animal when you board them.
    They say they will, but that's not always the case. Also when
    you bring your dogs home, check for fleas, cause that is a
    common problem when pets have been boarded.

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