The difference between a border collie and a regular collie?

Tabby M: what is the difference between a border collie and a regular collie?
ok ill tell You what I do know they are very energetic and are herding animals. They are good with kids and love attention boarder collie r ok in side just as long a they have something to do .

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Answer by super awesome april
Collie is another name for sheepdog.

What most American’s call a Collie is actually a Scotch Collie (AKA Lassie)
They come in rough (longhair like Lassie) and smooth (shorthair)


A border collie is a smaller type collie from the same region (on the border of Scotland and England.) If you have ever seen the movie Babe, the dogs featured are border collies.

They need more than just something to do. BCs end up in shelters a lot for not being taken out for runs. Scotish collies usually have a lower need to get up and go (although many working lines still do) where a BC will keep going and going and going.

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  1. pǝʞɔıʍ ɥɔʇıʍ™ of the West says
    The Border Collie is probably the older of the two breeds, and is widely accepted as the prototype for many modern herding breeds, the Collie included. The BC is a bit smaller, weighing between 40 and 48 or 50 pounds usually, they are much more high energy than a Collie and are not great for inexperienced, or very busy, dog owners as they need lots of mental stimulation.
    Collies are great dogs with kids, they are very gentle dogs and are usually pretty calm, especially after they reach about 3 years old. They tend to be very sweet tempered and good with trained, supervised children of all ages. They come in a Rough coated variety, like Lassie, and a smooth coated variety. Other than coat length the two are exactly the same breed which, when bred together, produce both coats in the same litter.

  2. Al says

    size, collies are lot taller, border collies are working dogs they love herding animals and usual have siky hair

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