How do i train A Border Collie that is one year old?

duckies_85: How do i train A Border Collie that is a year old?
I have a year old Border Collie, Had him since he was about 4 months old...I have slacked on a little training. I was wondering if there were any tips anyone can give me, on how to make him listen. He will listen when its just me, but when there are other people around he doesnt listen very well. Also I donno if its cause hes testing me or what, but i would just take him out & he would go to the bathroom, & hes out there for like 10 min, & like after hes back in the house for like 5min he would go to the bathroom on the floor...I just donno how to get him not to do that. Also i cant let him outside with out a leash or him being on his zip line b/c he run all over the place & down the road. If anyone has any good advice please let me know...Thanks your for you time.

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Eukanuba Dog Show - Border Collie being trained to catch a frisbee

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Answer by christie
hey take the collie to petsmart or petco they give training for dogs

Answer by jessthov2001
Border Collies are very intelligent dogs. They need a "job" to be happy, and if you don't give them one they will find their own, often unapproved of by us, as you are finding.

I recommend taking him to obedience classes for starters. You say he will listen when it is just you, but does not do well around distractions. Obedience classes can help with this. Also when you are training a dog you need to practice in all sorts of conditions, this will teach the dog that Hey I need to this anytime. Believe me dogs will pick up subtle differences in things. Such as the ground your working on, a difference in collar, they will also pick up if your nervous. You need to be the leader, a leader doesn't get nervous, or dog may become nervous as well, or may try to pick up leader position.

I would also bet with some training your dog would excel at agility. Even if you don't compete, just run the course a few times a week. This will give him a "job" as well much needed exercise. A tired dog is a good dog.

Border Collies need lots of physical and mental stimulation. In addition to the classes and more exercise, I also recommend a Buster Cube. It looks like a dice and you can put treats inside. Your dog needs to roll it around in order to get treats. As your dog gets good at it you are able to increase the difficulty.

As for the housetraining issue, he's still not housetrained. You need to be going out with him and praise him lavishly when he goes outside. Inside you need to supervise him. Full housetraining details can be found here

If he was previously doing well with housetraining, and has just "relasped" before you start with housetraining again, you will want to have him checked out by the vet to rule out any possible medical conditions. Illness such as a urinary tract infection can cause inappropriate elimination. If that all checks out well, then proceed with housetraining as though he were a brand new pup.
Good Luck

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  1. Lisa Snyder says

    I also have a border collie. We got her when she was 4 months old. She is now 1 year old. Border collies need to run and have the freedom to run. If they don't run they get neurotic. It's a part of some dog breeds and it's part of the border collie. If it rains a lot and I don't want the dog really running all through the yard and making the houe muddy, I let her run back and fourth in the living room. We all just pick our feet up. In a short time she is all done. She just has to get it out of her system. For potty training this will take effort of about 9 days but it will pay off and you'll have a potty trained dog in 9 days if you follow through. Get a note book and explain it to everyone in the family or you just do it all to have it be accurate. Set the feeding times at set times and don't change them during this time. Record what the dog does right before each and every accident. Record if it was a number or a number two or both. When you see the dog thinking of going the bathroom quickly say lets go outside and if that doesn't work then carry them outside and have them finish outside. And give a command you'll remember. We say outside potties. Keep your command consistent. if your not consistent it won't work for you at all. Remember the dog feels your energy so be prepared to be cool, calm and assertive all the time with the dog and when something isn't going right do a check on yourself, Just say to yourself be calm, cool, and assertive. You have one of the smartest breeds so the problem is owner. She can learn it and if you have done all you can and the dog still doesn't learn. You then need to see the vet so find out if their is something wrong with the dog. Our dog during our potty training journeling time would have a small gallop for a number 1 and then a full run for a number 2. But once she is potty trained and lets us know by ringing a bell with her paw or her nose. Hope it goes well. If you have a dog park I would sign up through the park district. About two hours there playing with other dogs and your dog should be tired and more trainable Also if you do 10 of working her mind that equals 30 of physical exercise. sit , stand, lay down, stay, shake. And to hold the position until you tell her she can be done. Pick a command for that like free and then she/ can then move. If they get up while your doing it then you have to bring them back to the same spot and do it again all over until they get it so your going to get tired. Wishing you well.

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