The best way to introduce two German Shepherds?

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MacKenzie: What is the best way to introduce 2 German Shepherds?
We have a 5 year old German Shepherd and will be adopting a 9 month old German Shepherd in a few days. What is the best way for these two to be intoduced? My 5 year old just lost his best friend (our 15 year old german shepherd) a month ago. He is not territorial but very energetic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Dirk Gabe
It could go really well or really bad I suggest that you watch them while they are outside sometimes the puppy will copy the bigger dog if this happens its a good sing on the puppies part as for the big dog introduce them in a shielded area from eachother just in case soon enough they will be able to be with each other

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  1. graham says

    i would let the meet on strange ground and not head to head but along side one another ,and just walk them and try not to say, much to them ,remember if you fear a fight your dog will sense it and will probably start one , if it dose not look to good on the fight front at first i would muzzle them for a bit until they got to now one an other, be confident and firm

  2. Puppyluv says

    I would make sure that you have the 5 yr. old in a "down" position with a leash on. Let him lick a dog cookie that should be SLIGHTLY visible in your cupped hand. When the dog comes in the house, say "Good boy…Good ______" (<–Whatever the dog's name is) If he becomes riled up, remove him from the room.

    Let him out again after about 3 seconds, and put him in a lie down, in a place he is most comfortable. Repeat this (with dog cookie and removing) until he is not rowdy.

    Once he becomes comfortable (which WILL happen) with the puppy, let them sniff each other (still on leashes). Remember, all dogs aren't too fond of puppies. If it gets physical, I would try the process again.

  3. Angie says

    well im a pitbull owner so i know how you are worried, I went threw the same thing about 6 monthes ago, I have a 6 yr old male pitbull (who thinks he is the size of a toy yorkie but weighs 115lbs.) and we got another pit when he was 4 1/2 monthes ( I was scared they would fight) so my husband and I put collars and leashes on them and took them outside have evryone else go in the house where its only 2 adults outside and walk them up to each other Let them investigate each other real good when you think they will be ok around each other let them go in the yard but stay next to them and see how they do. If any growling or meaness shows correct it right away let the older one understand that the pup is staying. SHOW BOTH ATTENTION AT THE SAME TIME so they dont get geleus HOPE THIS HELPS

  4. LolaRose..x says

    made the introduction out side, on neutral territory and take them both for a walk together before you bring the new dog into your home (if the dog has had its shots and everything first) this will drain energy and they will bond when they walk together.

  5. pansyblue says

    If you can have them meet off your property, your Shepherd won't have to be defending his home. And if the Shepherd puppy can be walked before he meets your Shepherd, he'll be better behaved and calmer.

    All puppies, but especially Shepherds need exercise. If he can be tired and calm when he meets your Shepherd and before you take them home the puppy will do better. And it'll help your Shepherd to be more accepting if he's not defending his home territory at the time he meets the puppy.

    It just takes a couple road blocks out of the way of a successful meet.

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