The best grain-free food for a Labrador Retriever?

Michelle: What is the best grain-free food for a Labrador Retriever?
My lab is just about 1 year old and I am in the process of transitioning him to a grain-free food from Innova (we were told that the quality of Innova is expected to go downhill after they were purchased by Menu Foods) I am trying Fromm Surf and Turf, but am not sure if that is the best option for a labrador. Thanks for any help!

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Answer by Hannah M
Really depends on your dog’s individual needs.
How much excersize does she get a day?
Is she overweight?
Is she underweight?
Does he have any medical issues?
Do you plan on using him as a hunting dog?
Does he have allergies?
What is my price limit?

These are all factors in choosing the best food for your dog. My dog does well on Barking at the Moon from Solid Gold, which is a grain-free food. But it really depends on your dog’s needs.

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  1. RockstarMonday says

    Orijen is one of the best and most expensive. Completly grain free.

    I switch my dogs (a lab, a golden, and a chihuahua) between Taste of the Wild, which is another completly grain free food and 4Health.. Which does have grains, but is still a better food than any grocery store foods. It's one of the first decent dog foods that is sold for a decent price(30lb = $ 35), and is only sold at Tractor Supply. I would keep them completly on the even better stuff if I could afford it every single time. But at least I can still provide a decent alternative.

    You can review the website below for more reviews of other dog foods, that are possibly grain free as well.

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