The approximate height and weight of a female siberian husky?

Mando R: Does anyone know the approximate height and weight of a female siberian husky?
I have two siberian huskies and one is a boy and one is a girl. They had puppies and my cousin wants to keep the smallest one, which is about 10 inches in length. What will be the maximum height and weight of this puppy when its about 2 months?

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Answer by kssitterle
you must not determind the height and weight until full grown! When fully grown it is 22-23 in at the withers, and near 35-50 lbs, remember to spay!

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  1. Loki Wolfchild says

    What difference does it make how big it is when it's 2 months (8 weeks)? It's certainly not full grown!

    I have had the largest 8 week old puppy in the litter mature into a small adult, and the smallest in the litter go over-sized at maturity. Size as a puppy is NO indication of size as an adult.

    A standard Siberian female will mature at 20"-22" at the shoulders, and weigh 35-50 lbs. Poorly-bred females tend to be larger.

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