August 28, 2014

Russian Dog Bit the Kennedys

It bit everyone, – says Caroline Kennedy, recalling the Russian dog gifted to the Kennedys by Nikita Khrushchev. Talking on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the 50th anniversary of John Kennedy’s presidency, Caroline said she remembers the dog very well.

On his visit to the United States in 1961 the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev has presented John Kennedy with a Russian puppy named Pushinka (bit of fluff), a daughter of the Russian space dogs Pushok and Strelka.

It was always believed that Pushinka stayed happily with the Kennedy family for many years and was coupled with another Kennedy’s dog Charlie. They had four puppies named White Tips, Blackie, Butterfly, and Streaker.

Now Caroline recalls that the Kennedys in fact didn’t know how to get rid of Pushinka because it “bit everyone she met”. Finally, a White House gardener has taken the bad-mannered  Russian space dogs’ daughter to his place.

Caroline smiled at Jon’s joke that the Russian Dog could have been a KGB agent, and said that actually Pushinka was pretty cute.


  1. Jon Stewart. With a T on the end. Not Steward.

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