One eye of my Japanese Spitz turned white, is my dog blind?

Mr.Miller: One eye of my Dog, a Japanese Spitz, turned white. Is my dog blind in one eye or he has a vitamin deficiency?
I just notice today that an eye of my Jap Spitz turned whitish. I call some of my dog owner friends, some say that it can be corrected by giving my dog vitamin supplement for eyes, one says that my dog is already blind. I am quite far from the vet but i am planning to go there in 3 days. What can i do for the moment?

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Answer by mindy
I would CALL your vet. He can’t charge you for phone call. I have a Yorkshire Terrier. If it was my yorkie, I’d be on the phone pronto!

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  1. patriciajean43 says

    Consult the vet but if the eye turned white looking/cloudy suddenly it is usually from an injury to the cornea(outside layer of eye).An antibiotic from the vet should be put in the eye immediately if that is the case to help heal eye and prevent further damage.

  2. Steph says

    There ar eso many different things it could be…. blind, cataracts, glaucoma, infection….
    But with eye problems you should always get them seen to straight away to decrease the chances of blindness. And eye infections can be very painful. I have never heard of it being a vitamin def. I think this in highly unlikely. Go to a vet soon, you cannot diagnose at home, you need a professional to do a correct eye exam with specialised equipment.

  3. Cookie says

    It depends on what you mean by "white eye". If the pupil is clouded over and has turned to a whitish smokey type color, then the dog is already going blind in that eye or is already blind. It's a cataract. Your dog is probably going blind in one eye. My Cocker Spaniel (RIP) went blind in the first one gradually, and then the second as she got older. But take your dog to the vet and see what they say. Without a photo of the actual eye, I couldn't really speculate.

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