How much does a Japanese Spitz puppy cost now?

JappySpitz: How much does a Japanese Spitz puppy cost?
I live in Western Australia, I have already confirmed with a breeder I want a puppy and they will be ready in 7(ish) weeks. They are still not born.
She still hasn't told me how much she wants me to pay for a puppy, and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how much they paid for their Japanese Spitz puppy (especially if you are from Australia and bought a puppy recently)

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Thank you!! I just want to know how much I need to expect to be paying!

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Answer by JessicaLawliet
It all depends on the breeder. Some feel like they can get more for their puppies than others. You have to consider lineage. You can ask how much someone paid for their Japanese Spitz and it will probably be completely different than what you will pay. I would say generally prices will range $ 900-1295 USD. Since they're not AKC registered dogs, you should look for them MUCH cheaper than this price. I'm sure if you look hard enough, you can find one that's like $ 300 bucks.

Answer by Gigi
$1,000+ is the price for a well-bred dog.
If you want a purebred dog and buying based on price maybe it's best you rescue from a shelter because quality dogs certainly do not come cheap. You may be able to find a similar breed of dog, the Toy American Eskimo Dog or Pomeranian at a rescue/shelter.

Answer by June

Hmm I don't know about 600 dollars??

Answer by bluespace5

I looked at Philippine sites and saw japanese spitz ranging from 3000-5000 pesos and i was wondering if this price is right for this type of dog coz i wanna get to most out of my money if ever i buy one, and this breed seems to be the most economical and cute so far. ;)

Answer by debra_dragon

If you can't find a breeder in Western Australia, you should look at buying a pup from interstate and flying it over to you. We bought our puppy from New South Wales and he's our everything!

Answer by Claire

If you purchased your dog from a reputable breeder who breeds only dogs with excellent temperaments as well as socialize/train your dog correctly, you will not have an "aggressive and mean" dog.

The Japanese Spitz is very affectionate/loving with its family. Many tend to bond more closely with the person who they view as their leader. Like all spitz breeds they are independent and although intelligent, can sometimes be stubborn during training. But as long as you're consistent you should have no problem.

As for acquiring a Japanese Spitz, they are a rare breed. It's unlikely you'll find one in the shelter. A puppy from a reputable breeder will cost $1,000-$2,500.

Here's a list of reputable breeders:

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    As a rare breed they will never be a cheap dog. Most JS breeders are dedicated and true to the breed. You need to consider paying as much or more than an AKC puppy.
    In Europe you have to pay up to 2000 Euros for a well bred pedigree puppy. ANything less is possibly from a puppy farmer.

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