Moscow Watchdog

moscow watchdog
Among Russian guard dogs there is a unique Moscow dog, which combines great watching and guarding abilities with tenderness of a companion pet. The Moscow Watchdog is a Russian dog breed, developed in the Soviet Union after the WWII.  This Soviet dog is very large and heavy, it has a massive, usually black-masked head, and a muscular, powerful body, covered in a thick, medium length double coat of mostly white color with red, orange or brown patches. Becoming now more known and popular outside its native country, the Moscow Watchdog still remains one of Russian rare dog breeds and is not recognized internationally.

The Moscow dog was developed in 1950's in the army’s “Red Star” kennel by crossbreeding the Caucasian dog and the Saint Bernard, with some additions of the Russian Harlequin Hound, the German Shepherd, and the Russian wolfhound. The Saint Bernard gave this new Russian guard dog its large size and gentle temperament, while its second major contributor, the Caucasian dog, passed its great guarding and assertive traits. This gentle giant dog was finally standardized in the late 1960's with its Russian name Moskovskaya Storozhevaya Sobaka ("sobaka" means dog in Russian). The Soviet military considered it to be a perfect service dog, able to respond the same way to any handler.

Aside from military service, the Moscow dog can be both property protector and loving family member. This gentle giant dog is calm and quiet, and very affectionate with children.  It is usually friendly with strangers and likes to play. On the other hand, as a typical Russian guard dog it will fight with all its strength and firmness to protect its master from any threat.

Russian Moscow watchdogThe Moscow Watchdog is usually healthy, but because of large size it is particularly prone to hip dysplasia and other big dogs’ problems. It doesn't need any special grooming, though has to be brushed on a regular basis. Contrary to other gentle giant dogs this Russian dog doesn't salivate a lot.

A small apartment is surely not the best place for the Moscow dog. It is recommended to experienced owners who have enough space and some free time. This Russian guard dog is a good choice for rangers and farmers, especially in the northern regions.  It can also be trained as a guide dog.

Moscow Watchdog Size:

Height: 27 to 32 inches (males 29-32, females 27-29)

Weight: 99 to 200 pounds (males 130-200, females 99-150)

Breed Names:

Moscow dog, Moscow Watchdog, Russian watchdog, Moskovskaya Storozhevaya Sobaka

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