How do you make a pitbull mean to strangers but obident to owners?

doubler38c: How do you make a pitbull mean to strangers but obident to owners?
How do you make a pitbull mean to strangers but obident to owners? My dog is a little whimp and want him to at least bark at the door but not eat the owners.

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Answer by Jennifer
How do i make a pitbull mean????? That is so cold. Dont make a dog mean that is not right

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  1. m21 says

    It really saddens me to run into yet another irresponsible pit bull owner… You should never train a dog to be mean or to attack… It's not right. If a dog respects you as it's pack leader and you treat it right, with LOVE, they will protect you if needed… They shouldn't be overly agressive and show signs of agression to people on the street or anyone you encounter. If there is a real threat, dogs will usually protect their owners, provided their owners treat them with love and respect!

  2. Fightingpit says

    You evidently don`t know much about the APBT. You will be playing with fire and you will get burnt. A different type dog is what you seek, any "pit bull" that is aggressive towards a human is destined to be destroyed unless you are being attacked or your home being broken into. If the dog is "mean" to strangers, what will happen when the dog gets loose ? ( and they all get loose). Just put the dog through obedience training and you`ll be surprised , it is all you need.

  3. Luckycup says

    After the dog has had a loving home with you for about six months, take it to obedience school so your pit can learn to sit,stay, heel, roll over, shake and other parlor tricks.

    Then after you have continued to be gentle and loving to the dog for about a year and a half and the dog is almost two years old, there are police dog training schools that train police dogs to search cadavars, attack on command, find drugs, etc. You can enroll your dog in such a training class but the training is rigorous and once the dog has "graduated" he really isn't a pet anymore but a working dog.

    Investigate police dog and guard dog training classes on line. Pit bulls, Rottweillers and Dobermans are all extremely dedicated to their owners and are gentle, kind hearted animals who demand respect. These dogs, if treated cruelly, will become cruel but are in actuallity very gentle and loving animals with good treatment.

    The problem with making your dog cruel through cruel treatment, is that they are not controllable by anyone and the dog may and probably will bite its owner and will be put to sleep as a result.

    Don't try to make a dog mean. By nature pit bulls are, as you say…wimps. Bad treatment and neglect has given them their mean reputation. Don't do it. If you want a large dog that will bark loudly and simply jump on strangers, get a laborador.

  4. says

    Why do you want him mean to strangers? That's a good way to end up having to put him down later on because he bit someone. Who cares if he doesn't bark. Put up a beware of dog sign – or beware of pit bull and that'll be more than enough.

  5. akitamommy2 says

    And people want to know why pits get a bad rap?…look no further than to owners such as yourself. If you plan on making him mean then you might as well look into a rescue organization that will take him and find him a suitable home where he will not be encouraged to be mean.

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