How much can I sell my unregistered pit bull puppies for?

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chahta_ndn_girl01: How much can I sell my pit bull puppies for if they are not registered?
The mom and dad are both full blood American Pit Bull Terriers but they have no papers.

I dont know what price to ask for these pups when they are old enough to sell.
I will be providing first shots/exams for the pups.
Any one know?
Pit bull puppies sale
Photo Credit: MrVJTod/Flickr
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Answer by whatchuknowboutdat
I have a man in my area who sells his unregistered pit bull puppies for $ 100 but some people may sell for more $ $ $ ...

Answer by BranDy
Wow…… Well I also breed my red nose,who is part of my family and is loved dearly. She sleeps iny bed every nite. I for sure do not look at my baby girl as a paycheck but…. I want her pups to go to well off families to avoid some of the hood shit thats ben refered to.It isnt free to take care of a litter. The mom and pups had to go for an exam and at 8wks agian for shots. She only had 5pups. They are being sold at 200.00 to 250.00 each. I am keeping pick of the liiet being i am the owner of both their mom and dad. 3 of he 4 left are already sold to good loving families. I am only breeding Melody once. I will have.her fixed after the puppies are done nursing. I know alot of my friends love the breed. They make wonderful additions to any loving family. I hate hearing all the negative feed back for people who probably own a jack russel or a lab and kno nothing about owning , breeding or raising pits.Ive owned these wonderful dogs mwhole life and in fact will never own any other kind of dog. I see nothing wrong with charging an adoption fee. Jus b responsible. I am by NO means running a puppy mill. I jus love my dogs so much i wanted to add to our family and have enjoyed.every second with the new lil babies! ;-)

Answer by sara
Why is it a bad thing for someone who is interested in becoming the puppies owner to check their teeth and paws or ears? You take your dog to the vet and they do the same thing. This my 5th litter of dogs that I have bred, not all being Pit Bulls, but you take the puppies to the vet to get checked like I will at 6 weeks of age before selling, then you will see that the vet checks all of that just to make sure they are healthy before you sell them. You don’t want to sell a sick puppy for $200 to $250. You need to learn your breeding techniques.

Answer by catanne
Yes in shelters pitts are killed (as adults). Most PBs are killed, because they were received as adults and yes, an adult pitt is a risk to buy and have no emotional ties and devotion to any new owner. So there are chances for fearful reactions to any new pwner. This is why a PB is best sought after as a puppy and raised. A PB is much like a human being. You raise ‘em right and get a well socialized productive humanbeing, or you abuse and neglect the human being and watch them grow up to commit acts that bring anguish to anyone around. No one usually adopts an adult human being or a teenager who has been drug through the filth with no guidance and protection from love. Usually a baby with a clean slate is adopted, so your point is crude and unrealistic. Yes, your point is a point of view, but narrow. Any pet is most desireable as a pup. 150.00 to 250.00 is a deal, if the bloodline is known and trusted withoiut papers. With papers, on a deal, 400.00 to 450.00 is common price.

Answer by Pitlover
Wow, you people are hating on a person who clearly loves their dog! You want to hate on pit owners! Screw you man. How about the labs and aggressive labradoodles. They are the most overbred dogs there are. I’m the proud owner of two pits, both from champion lines. Nothing wrong with breeding your dog. Just do it responsibly, and don’t use your dog as a cash crop. Selective breeding to ensure the breed is kept strong is a good thing. You have to treat adopting your pits like adopting out kids. Interview the prospective adopter, or buyer, what ever you want to call them. I have interviewed every single person who has gotten a dog for me and I have their names and numbers still. I never get anyone get a pup if I don’t like them! Also if my dogs don’t like em there’s something wrong with that person. Pits are the best dogs period for a family. You just have to train them right , like any dog. I don’t see you people ragging on the people who own lab kennels, or golden retrievers, or German shepherds. I would trust a pit over all these breeds. Advice to you on price, start out at 200, that will weed out people who can’t afford to feed a pit properly, or to buy a kennel. Don’t “adopt” to anyone you get a bad feeling about. Not one of my dogs has ever been in a pound or abandoned.make sure the home they are going to is he best possible.

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  1. April says

    I'm selling a female pitbull still a puppy for $150 comes with collar two leashes a bag of food and bowel

  2. mk18 says

    i have a female blue pitbull, shes a year old the next time she goes into heat i will breed her. I bought her for 200.oo. So thats probably what i will sell her puppies for.

  3. Stacey says

    Don't any of you who are on here know anything about Pit Bull's... Look them up DUMBASS... they are Heroes from WWII, they have been in movies...Hell even one of our Pres. had a Pit in the flipping white house... Yes they have had a bad wrap but that is from BAD PEOPLE... Pits are the best family dog that you could ever ask for...

  4. JenniferMichelle says

    I love how all of you put her down and condemn her. First there should be a process for choosing the right family. Telephone interview, home inspection and a contract. Get these pups chipped with YOUR name and information before they are let go. You can legally demand that the dog be returned to you if you feel there is neglect and/or abuse.

    If you post the pups as "free" you will get people looking for pits to fight and use as breeding dams. A lot of times they will send you a family they have paid to make it look legit. require a 3, 6 mo and 1 year check up on the dog. Look up puppy contracts and start weeding out the ones that don't seem right now. If they say it will be an outdoor dog, NO. These pups are made to be a family pet. If they say this is their first dog, NO. Pits need a lot of attention, exercise and love. Most people do not realize how much. You ask what you feel you must in order to find forever homes for those babies.

    Everyone else, instead of giving your opinion, why not help her out? Self righteous idiots. The pups are here, keep your opinions to yourself and help the owner find forever homes for these wonderful pups, don't just be an idiot!

  5. mark says

    Just because the dogs do not have papers doesn't mean that there not worth whatever your willing to ask for them.. you have to excuse all theses dumb asses ... I would make sure they go to good homes though.. for the dogs in the shelters... There more than likely in there for a reason.. aggression more than likely. Therefore the owners could not afford the cost of lawsuits from with the animals may have gotten them..

  6. Melanie Trif says

    Shut up you tree hugging hippies. I'm so sick of seeing people complain about how

    people charge an adoption fee and say that puppies are living creatures not merchandise.

    Even when adopting a child there are fees that must be paid. Charging an adoption fee prevents

    the animal from going to an animal test lab for one thing. There are labs that will actually pay

    people for kittens, puppies, etc. It's disgusting. I agree you should screen the potential owners

    of the pet you are trying to find a home for to make sure they do not have any harmful intentions.

    I bought my female pit bull for $150 without papers and she was worth every penny.

    She is going to be a mother in one more week and you better believe I will be charging in adoption

    fee as well as screening the owners. If I see them checking out their teeth, size, etc.. I will reject

    any amount of money they offer. My love for animals is far too great to let them be adopted by

    a bad owner.

  7. samaket says

    You are asking the wrong question!!!! I can't believe this. You should be more concerned about whom you are giving your pups to. If you find a nice family who is able to afford a dog and provide him/her with a nice life, then you are lucky. Please set your priorities straight!!

  8. hockey_gal9 says

    Check out the people you sell the pups to, to make sure they're good pet owners who will raise the pups correctly. And please, for the sake of all the unwanted dogs stuck in shelters all over America, spay the parents! Save them from health problems in the future by spaying them now.

  9. bon b says

    I wouldn't pay anything. Why pay for an unregistered dog, when I can get one for next to nothing in the shelter? The sire and dam may be full blooded, but, if you can't prove that, it's useless.

  10. Darla E says

    Great another backyard breeder making a dollar off of pit bull puppies. I hope the money you make is used to spay and neuter your dogs. The last thing this world needs is pit bull puppies who will probably end up like Mike Vic ks dogs. I hop you can sleep at night knowing that YOU contributed to the cruel treatment of innocent dogs!

  11. Sarah says

    Why don't you visit the animal shelter and see how much their pits are going for? Oh wait. They will tell you that virtually no one adopts pits. They pretty much all get killed. There are too many. Look in the newspaper to see what people are asking. Oh wait, there are over a dozen ads, so what are your chances of selling all of yours? Too many backyard, irresponsible breeders. Get your dogs fixed asap and never breed again. Please! Dogs are not income producers; they are living, breathing animals that need good homes.

  12. Christina D says

    I would charge $ 100. This is because you want to make sure that people can afford to own the puppies and aren't just picking them up because they are free... and then drop them when they cost money. (I would say "free" because there's no reason to sell a puppy with no papers and no proof of what his heritage is for more than that. But if you give away pit bull puppies, then you get the sickos who will pick them up and put them in the dog fighting ring.)

    Be sure to screen your buyers, because otherwise those little puppies are going to get put in the pound once their owners get sick of them... and once a pit bull is in the pound, there is no hope for them. I can promise you, that little puppy will be euthanized if it ever goes near the pound. This is because of all the media, etc on pit bulls. There's nothing you can do about it.

    Get addresses, phone numbers from the buyers, and offer to take the puppies back if the owners ever don't want them anymore. Otherwise, you're pretty much sentencing those puppies to death.

    Not trying to get on a soapbox, or make you feel bad, but don't breed these dogs in the future. Get them spayed and neutered. There is no world out there for un-papered pit bulls, and very little of a world for even papered ones. And when you've got an un-neutered male running around, he's going to make little half-pit puppies, that are going end up dead because of their breed status. Or end up hurting people, if the puppies get raised wrong.

    I wouldn't want the responsibility of the death of puppies on my shoulders. And that's the reality of most unpapered pit bull puppies. Death.

    I wish you luck with this litter, but really, try and be responsible and spay and neuter those dogs. The world will be a happier place for everyone. And everyone makes a difference.

  13. zipperfootpress says

    with all the media on pitts I hope you get nothing. Surely you have not taken their well being into consideration. If you had you would have had your dog fixed.

    I can almost promise you that some of these pups will end up in the pound one day on death row,.....very sad that you have just contributed to the death of more dogs.

    • JenniferMichelle says

      She is more likely to have these pups end up in a shelter and killed if she doesn't charge anything. Dog fighters, people buying them to sell for animal testing and the ones that don't realize what they are getting into are the ones that get the FREE puppies. You hoping she gets nothing is just wishing to see more dogs being abused and killed. Give good advice or keep your unwanted, cruel, unhelpful comments to yourself.

  14. Morgan R says

    ? Dont you know that there are pits in the shelter right now in need of homes and are possibly on pending euthanasia ? They sell them for about $ 50 to $ 100 . The maximum you can sell them is for $ 100 ...

  15. dragonfly_3 says

    I hope you get zero dollars.

    Dogs are living things, not the answer to fill your checking account.

    How can you even live with yourself, bringing more dogs in to the world when over 6 million healthy dogs and cats are getting euthanized due to lack of homes? You are despicable.

  16. Punk Rocker♥ says

    how much do they charge at the local shelter?
    maybe 50-100...

    some dumbas$ es will be stupid enough to buy it for a larger price but please dont fool them

    being pure breed means nothing
    giving first exam and shots also means nothing

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