Is Samoyed considered a low allergy breed?

Puff: Does anyone know if the dog breed the Samoyed is considered a low allergy breed?
One woman who owns one told me that they are, but she said they do shed. I know American Eskimos are considered low allergy and they are very similar to Samoyeds. Sammy’s are my fave bree and I would love to own one someday, but my allergies are severe.

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Answer by SL_SF
I’m sorry, but a Samoyed is not on the list of low-dander dog breeds listed by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

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  1. Dog_trainer says

    Definitely NOT and neither are the American Eskimos!

    Poodles seem to affect people the least, followed by the silky haired dogs (like Yorkies) and the breeds that need to be clipped or hand stripped (like Wire Fox Terriers and Westies).

    Try spending the day in the home of someone who owns one, before you get one and have to give it away.

  2. jadelee21 says

    Since Sammies do shed I would say no, they are not hypo-allergenic. But since the woman said they are low allergy, you can always talk to a Sammie breeder about it and she/he can let you interact with her/his dogs for time to see if your allergies start. That is usually the best way to find out for sure whether or not you can get an allergic reaction from it. Try to spend a few hours with dogs over a long period of time. Remember spending a few hours with the Sammies is not the same as living with one for 24 hours.

  3. republicansarecruel says

    If your allergies are severe, you should probably not have a dog until you can control them better. Too often people get a 'low allergy' breed and still have problems. And then the dog gets dumped with a shelter several months down the road.

  4. seattle_mariners_roc says

    Extensive grooming is needed. They are seasonally heavy shedders. The fluffy double coat needs frequent brushing, but tends to stay white without bathing.(from So no they are not good for allergy suffers

  5. chetco says

    The following dog breeds are often called hypoallergenic:

    Single-coated breeds

    * Cairn terrier( the dog who played toto in the wizard of oz)
    * Basenji
    * Bedlington Terrier
    * Bichon (all types)
    * Bichon Frisé
    * Bolognese (dog)
    * Chinese Crested (hairless)
    * Coton de Tulear
    * Havanese
    * Irish Water Spaniel
    * Italian Greyhound
    * Kerry Blue Terrier
    * Lowchen
    * Maltese
    * Poodles (all sizes)
    * Poodle hybrids
    * Portuguese Water Dog
    * Schnauzer (all sizes)
    * Shih Tzu
    * Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
    * Yorkshire Terrier

    Hairless breeds

    * American Hairless Terrier
    * Chinese Crested (hairless)
    * Mexican Hairless Dog (Xoloitzcuintli)
    * Peruvian Hairless Dog

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