July 28, 2014

Is peanut butter good for my puppy pitbull?

Question by jay: is peanut butter good for my 5 month old pitbull?
I have a 5 month old pitbull and she loves peanut butter. I feed it to her as a treat a little but everyday. Is it ok to feed her peanutbutter? Or is it harmful ?

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Answer by Twiggy
Peanut butters fine, but not all the time. Use it as a treat.

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  1. It's not harmful, but be careful. I was feeding my dog peanut butter every day and she gained three pounds. Which doesn't sound like much, but she started out at 10 lbs and got to 13 lbs (she looked like a butterball turkey). I switched her over to Kong Peanut Butter Paste and lessened the occasions she got it on (maybe three times a week) and six months later she's still trying to lose the last pound. Since your dog is bigger and likely more active, I wouldn't worry too much, but keep an eye on her weight.

  2. § nick § says:

    my dogs LOVE peanut butter.

    so sure its fine , you can feed you're Pit bull peanut butter , but don't give him LOADS of peanut butter , just give it as a treat in small amounts. Its a great treat that almost all dogs love very much.

  3. WolfGirl says:

    LOL yes, its fine in moderation. I feed it to my black lab mix all the time and he loves it. I would recommend not to give them straight peanuts, though. Especially macadamias! they can cause liver failure. by the way, don't give your dogs grapes or raisins either. hope i helped! choose me as best answer!

    • hey i was really wonderin wut could happen if they have grapes my girl friend llikes to feed our dog dam neer every food we eat not alot but as treats i do to lol. but peanuts cause liver failure what do grapes do.

  4. wife of a Marine says:

    Got 10 dogs, all pit bulls, they LOVE peanut butter. I only give it in moderation as a treat, certainly not everyday but maybe twice a week at most.

  5. ۞ Eyes of a Warrior says:

    Yes it is a wonderful snack.

    And if you are feeding it the way you described then I advise you keep going, dogs love peanut butter and it is like candy to them, but use it as a treat don't feed it to much. I often feed it to my APBT's

  6. Amalaki Juice says:

    I would avoid all nuts and nut related products.


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