Is “human food” diet OK for my dog?

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Katherine P: Is an all-“human food” diet OK for my dog?
My dog (4 year old, girl [neutered] Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) for the past two days has refused to eat her kibble and wet food mix (but would eat treats and people food) and after awhile we just had to give in so that she wouldn’t starve. We decided that we think it’s a little mean to give her “dog” food when she hates it so much, so we’ve decided to try giving her cut up chicken breats (boneless and boiled) with brown rice and some chicken bouillon and other times some fried ground beef (fat drained away) with brown rice and beef bouillon. She eats it up readily and is now back to normal.

We know she wasn’t sick because she was very perky and tail-waggy and normal, but would just stand there barking at her bowls but looked hungry! (and we cleaned the bowls well, tried other brands of wet food, etc. she would not eat dog food!)

Is this human food diet unhealthy? We were thinking of trying mixing some kibble with this to give her vitamins, would that be better? should we add some veggies or something, if so what? By the way, she is “used to” human food because we’ve always given her table scraps and little hand-outs that she loved, but maybe only once an entire meal of people food.


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Answer by Rayven ~ Life’s a B
What you are describing? No its not healthy. And honestly this is a problem of your own making. Two days? That’s nothing. Had you stuck to your guns and not caved in you wouldn’t have a picky dog. You can either fix the problem or you can continue to let the dog train you.

Either go back to kibble and wet and WAIT HER OUT. she will eat TRUST ME or learn how to make a proper “homemade” diet. Either way stop letting the dog dictate.

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  1. i LOVE man u says

    no its not good for them.
    they can have boiled chicken and rice a couple of times a week,once per day.
    try to find some food that she likes thats good for her.

    work out a plan for a week e.g.
    monday-chicken and rice
    tuesday-dog food
    etc etc.

    only feed her 1/2 meals per day and maybe giver her a few little treats or leftovers from your meals.-but only a little bit.

  2. tiptoptraining says

    It is unhealthy for your dog not to eat what is put in front of it. Follow Sue Ailsby's protocol

    for a high quality kibble. Once you've done that, then consider switching to a human ingredients food diet, either cooked or raw, once you have investigated it and decided on an approach that works for you. has numerous books on the topic.

    Dogs developed primarily as scavengers of human populations, who scrounged leftover human food and waste. Kibble is a modern marketing ploy- no kibble trees in the wild! If humans eat healthy food, not junk food, then mostly that food is appropriate for dogs as well.

  3. E. H. says

    Yours is NOT a healthy or baalnced diet for your dog. There is absolutely NO calcium in it (nec. for bones etc.) Calcium & phosphorus balances are SUPER important in ANYbody's diet.

    If you are going to feed a cooked human food diet (better) or raw diet (best) you need to read some books or articles on it. Go to for books on feeding dogs or dog diets, or check some of the links below (some have re

  4. michael g says

    Our vet and many articles say that 'human food' is fine as long as it is deversified to meet the dogs needs, meaning, meat, rice, pasta, veggies in a nice varied mix. We recently opened a wet food of high quality and when looking at it, it smelled like beef stew, had cooked beef with gravy , peas and carrots. It was for all practicle purposes 'human food'. So as long as you can stick to the preparation process it is fine. Just keep it balanced, as you would with dog foods.
    Cook it for certain. Even packaged dog food is cooked. Raw meat can introduce bacteria into the dog's system as well as other parasites. Only Beef bones are ok for them, never chicken bones! NEVER! But bones are for gnawing, so save only the large ones for 'dessert' : ) Toss the rest.

  5. Aglease says

    From what I've read, it's not a good idea to give your dog an all human food diet. For one, they don't get all the nutrients they need. Giving them just human food is not nutritionally balanced. Furthermore, you don't want your dog to get so used to eating human food that it's all they eat. Although, it seems as though your dog has already reached that point. You should make human food/table scraps only 10% of your dog's diet. You shouldn't give your dog vegetables as dogs have shorter digestive tracts and cannot digest most vegetables. Grains should not be given in large amounts, but these foods are generally safe in small amounts.

    There are just so many foods that can be detrimental to a dog's health that it's just not a good idea to give them a lot of human food. There's a reason dog food was created. It's specially formulated to give your dog the nutrients it requires to live a long and healthy life. Unless you're a veterinarian, I don't think it's wise to give your dog all human food because you don't know if you're giving them something harmful or not. Besides the fact that it could be considered spoiling your dog if you give them just human food.

  6. Briana says

    Yes, in my opinion this is fine. Some veggies would be good too. My dog was on a diet almost the same as you are describing via the vets orders. I would watch out for grains though. I know some dogs do not handle grains well. You can check her old food and see if it was grain-free or anything like that, just so that the essentials of what she is getting are the same. Even though my dog can't have regular "human food" (such as french fries or meatloaf) this diet is still good for her.

  7. Bob says

    Negative. Pet food is meant for pets and human food is meant for humans. Same goes with medication and clothing. Biggest problem with human food is additives that will harm your dog's digestive system.

  8. Pia says

    If your dog will only eat "human food" then you might want to give her a raw meat diet. It's very healthy for dogs since it it what they were meant to eat to begin with. Chicken is great, but don't bother boiling it. By cooking the meat, the bones get fragile and can break and hurt her while she's eating, whereas uncooked they stay firm.
    All kinds of fresh, raw meat (with bones) are good. Cooked "human food" just wasn't made to be eaten by dogs.

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