Is a pink nose on an english bulldog non desirable?

Chris N: Is a pink nose on an english bulldog a non desirable trait?
Im looking into buying a bulldog and my mother, who already has one, has told me that she heard somewhere that bulldogs with nonblack noses are non desirable? Her nose is pink.
Can anyone confirm this?

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Answer by Lauren P
What do you like? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Personally, I think the pink nose is adorable.

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  1. Chiappone says

    Yes a bulldogs nose should be all black. If it's not, it's often a sign of poor breeding, but not always. If you are thinking of a bully with a pink nose be weary of how much the people are asking, and if it has any papers, and take a look at both parents. Occasionally it's just a lack of pigment, that happens, but if the people who breed are consistently getting pups with pink noses they should stop breeding. They are not furthering the breed when they are producing pups that do not meet show standards.

  2. hockey_gal9 says

    Only in hoity-toity show standards. A dog with a pink nose is still a dog that needs a home. I have a lab with a pink nose, and I don't care what color her nose is, pink, black, purple, brown, green, whatever, I'd still love her.

    If you're planning to show in AKC standard shows, then yes, the pink nose is an undesirable trait. If you're looking for a family pet, then the color of her nose doesn't matter one iota.

  3. zappataz says

    Bulldog's noses should be all black.
    Any nose color other than black is a disqualifying fault in the breed .

  4. tom l says

    From the breed standard:
    "Nose–The nose should be large, broad and black, its tip set back deeply between the eyes"

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