How well would a Siberian Husky do in Arizona?

cxa117: How well would a Siberian Husk do in Arizona?
Im thinking of getting a Siberian Husky but I live in Arizona. Would the heat be too much for it in the summer?

I live in Chandler, AZ btw
and that’s really close to Phoenix

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Answer by BYB’s ♥ killing shelter dogs
Where in AZ? The weather in Tuscon is very different than the weather in Flagstaff.

If it’s a hotter area, I can think of dogs that would be better suited to a desert environment.

But, if you can keep the dog inside in the AC (not swamp cooler) and exercise him in the cooler night hours, then it may be ok. for more Siberian info. : )

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  1. ashley090491 says

    well, if your in the desert part like me, i have a lab and shepherd mix and she has a very thick coat. a friend of mine has 2 husky's and their perfectly fine. where i live you walk down the streets early in the morning or late in the evening when it's cool and you see huge dogs many are husky's and their fine here. but you do see them walking their dogs with little pads on their feet cause the ground gets so hot. the only thing is during the summer make sure they have PLENTY of water lots of shade. in the summer i just leave my dog in the house that way she stays cool. the first summer will be a hard one for the husky as for my dog but after that first year, it's not too bad. hope this helps!
    good luck! :)

  2. Megaman! says

    I used to live in AZ. I also had a neighbor with a husky. He did fine we lived at 3000 ft and it got 110 degrees more than once while I lived there. I personally would just keep the dog inside when it got bad. As long as he's fed and hydrated he will be healthy but maybe fucking hot too.

  3. monster.kitten says

    I don't know about Arizona, but I recall doing a 9 km hike in the middle of summer with somebody who had two huskies. There were a few breaks on the walk, and she brought a water bottle for them (the reusable type). If you take the proper precautions you should be alright. It would be best if you lived in a fairly large apartment or house, though, so the dog can get exercise indoors on those crazy hot days.

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