How to tell if a Samoyed is not a purebred?

Janet: How can you tell if a Samoyed is not a prue breed?
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Answer by Justine ♥’s Her yorkie
It dosent look like one.
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  1. kk says

    Are you buying from a breeder? Does the owner have AKC papers on the parents? Have the parents been DNA tested? This is not absurd–AKC sells kits for about $ 35. The only surefire way is with DNA testing.

  2. Onyx Ninja says

    A vet isn't always a reputable source for figuring out a breed or if the breed is purebred (I have run into many a vet who were waaaaaaaaaaay off base)

    The only to really know for sure is if the dog is papered. I believe there are DNA tests you can do but from what I understand they are unreliable & expensive.

    You could look up the breed standard, & google images of the breed & compare. This won't mean the dog is 100% but will give you an idea of how close he is.

    If your asking because you want to breed the dog….you really shouldn't if your not experienced enough to know the breed well enough, plus if you don't have papers. Then your not breeding to improve the breed, and simply become a nuisance back yard breeder.

  3. ginbark says

    One can not be 100% sure if it is a close match because lots of BYB and PMs have such poor quality they do not look purebred. Go to and read the standard for the breed and compare to the dog. Papers from any registry do not necessarily mean the dog is really a purebred.

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