How to stud out my tea cup Yorkie?

JKH: How can i stud out my tea cup Yorkie ?
My Yorkie is full breed, however he is not AKC registered. He has great temper, very friendly and extremely smart. Everytime someone sees him, they ask where did i get him at, and that happens often, especially when we go to vet’s office. So i was thinking about studing him either for litter or a fee.
He does have AKC registered parent and the other parent does not have papers but also purebred. My dog weights 3.4 pounds.

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  1. Blonde bombshell says

    None of you know anything about yorkies (KELLIE H, BLUEBONN…, JEN VT) how is it a runt when yorkies are classified both under the AKC and the UK KC as 7 pounds and under …. DUH

    also asker your yorkie is a standard not a miniture a standard is anything under 7 pounds, thats it. Anything bigger is a badly bred yorkie, well not really a yorkie at all, people should realise with some dogs it works the other way

  2. JenVT says

    I hope you are kidding. Just in case you have been living in a cave since you got him, "teacups" anything should be spayed or neutered. "teacup" is greeder code for poorly bred runt. get him neutered and refrain from making any more. I am sure he is beautiful and has a wonderful temperament, which makes him a wonderful pet. Not necessarily an appropriate stud dog.

  3. caninelover says

    For starters, before you even consider studding out your little one, you need to be very knowledgeable regarding the breed itself. If you were, you would be well aware that there is no such thing as a teacup Yorkie–it's nothing more than a marketing term and is generally taboo amongst Yorkie enthusiasts.

    If you want to venture into breeding ethically, then you need to start by finding youself a breed mentor who will help you learn what you need to know, asist you in evaluating your boy to determine if he is a quality representation of the breed that even *should* be used as stud, and to help you find a female that your male will compliment.

    However, please be aware that as your male is not even registered, you are likely out of luck. No respectable breeder is going to breed to an unregistered dog. (Key word: respectable.)

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