How to stop my terrier from barking without a shock collar?

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new user: What could you use to stop my terrier from constant barking without using a shock collar?
We live in an apartment complex and my rat terrier constantly barks.He barks when the neighbors door gets knocked on or when the air condionter turns on and off.Its just ridiculous.However,I love my pups and although their barking is out of control I dont want to use a shock collar.I have always thought it was in humane to do that.Training him is out of the question he is just set in his ways.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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Answer by Kat
If training him is out of the question then what’s the point of asking? Even electronic anti-bark collars are a “training” method. Rat Terriers bark. Mine barks all the time. It’s annoying. You either train them, hire someone else to train them or you live with it.

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  1. dogflower says

    My first question is why you say training if out ot the question? It' all about consistent training. I rescued a Yorkshire terrier who seemed determined to bark 24/7 with a few sleep breaks. I did a few things that didn't work but one has done it. I took a small metal can (like a gift can or coffee can. Filled it with dried pinto beans. I kept one inside the house and one on the patio. Each time he barked (for no reason) I said "NO" and shook the can. Then I'd say "quiet". Sometimes I'd be beside him and I'd gently run my hand down his neck and stop at his chords and softly say "Quiet".It took
    5 months for significant change. Now he barks when he should and quiets down quickly. I have also used a pool whistle. The idea is to make a noise that gets their attention without any anger. The number 1 thing is consistency until they learn. I wanted to ship my guy out after the 1st week but then I figured this out and we are a happy couple now.U may have to shake that can every few minutes at times but it will work if you just hang in there. Do not shake in anger.

  2. kdoulos says

    "training him is out of the question he is just set in his ways." This statement tells me that you either believe that all our suggestions are going to be stupid or that you don't really want help. No do is "set in their ways". I have trained more dogs than you'd believe including my husbands old dog when we were dating not to bark.
    At first a basic spray collar can help. The collar activates when your dog barks, and offers a light spritz of air to the face, disrupting the barking. Dogs do not like having their faces blown in. You also can train your dog to be quiet when you tell it to. When the dog barks, say your command word, mine is hush. You want your commands to be clear and distinct so there is no confusion with your dog. When the dog barks, you tap the dog or make a loud sound like a smack on the table or wall, etc. to startle the dog quiet. When the dog is quiet you say hush, and give the dog a treat. After a while the dog will be quiet when you say hush.
    You have to realize that rat terriers are very vocal dogs, and that in order to live with them you have to curb that desire to bark. Your dog may be bored, and barking at everything for lack of anything better to do. Along with the training, I suggest getting your dog some fun little puzzle toys. A puzzle ball with treats in it will stimulate your dog mentally while rewarding the dog for its critical thinking.
    There are a lot of things you can do to keep your dog quiet. However, for when you're gone I suggest getting a DAP diffuse. These diffusers plug in your wall, and give off a Dog Appeasing Pheremone that calms your dog, and will help your dog not to feel the need to bark.

  3. Dana M says

    I assume that since you think training isn't the way to go, you want some sort of physical device that will force your dog to be quiet. There is nothing humane that will do that. Shock collars and much more humane spray collars are to be used in conjunction with training or they don't work at all. If you were to consult a good trainer and work constantly at it you would be much more successful.

  4. Michael says

    Without trainig there are really a few other options. You could use a indoor bark control unit, which creats a sound similar to a dog whistle when your dog barks. There are also collars which spray a burst of lemon or citronella in front of the dogs nose when they bark. Good luck

  5. Golden Gurl says

    The company that makes the gentle leader makes a collar that blows a puff of air onto the dogs jaw from the collar when a dog barks.

  6. casey says

    how about a citronella collar … it worked within a week for my jack russell terrier which i am sure my neighbours appreciated :O)

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