How to stop my maltese from eating her feces?

ebonishia: How can I stop my maltese from eating her feces?
I bought my maltese in february and she is eating her own poop..She is grossing me out! I don’t understand. She can have a full bowl of iams right there and after she poops she smells it and eats it. I am afraid she will get sick.i don’t know what to do.. She goes outside and we are not watching her all the time..I found out because she is still pooping in the house. I had a poodle and never had this problem. Please help!

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Answer by rivendellrose2005
We had a shih tzu/maltese mix and according to my mom, malteses are infamous for doing this. Believe it or not, it shouldn’t hurt her. Your vet may have some answers on how to stop it though…we never figured it out.

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  1. LaMar M says

    I Have a one year old maltese and when he was a puppy he used to eat his poop…. I put garlic powder in his food….. They love the taste but dont like the smell when it comes out….. try that hope it works for you

  2. walkinglady says

    You can try adding meat tenderizer, msg or a product called Forbid to her food. However, that doesn't deter a lot of dogs. It's gross to us, but not to dogs, and most puppies (with some help from their owners) outgrow it. Pick up right away so she doesn't have the chance. Go outside with her and when you see her about to eat, firmly tell her "No!!" and dispose of it. You might also want to have her checked for worms.

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