How many puppies could a maltese have?

Princess Daisy: How many puppies could a maltese have because my maltese is pregnant?
Im asking this because i think my maltese might be pregnant and i want to know at least how many puppies could this kind of dog have.

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Answer by Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts!

You should know since you allowed her to mate and you did ALL your research before hand!! You will find out when you have her spayed.

Answer by c Jordan

my dogs are well taken care of and im keeping any and all puppies we have they are my family and we will not be separated so for all you smart mouth pepole out there that think that everybody wants to profit off there dogs not everybody is like that its like having your first child i know you were courious as to what to expect and how many children you will have at one time.

Answer by Alesi's Chis Su

Because we all know that the truly important thing is quantity and not quality

Answer by Crystal to Alesi's Chis Su

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the person with the pregnant dog is trying to make arrangements for the puppies expected? Why does everyone have to be so damn ignorant when someone says they have a pregnant dog. Get a grip! Go find another soapbox to stand on somewhere else! What a person chooses to do with their animal is their business. A simple question is being asked…if you don't have an answer to that question, then be quiet!

The size of a litter from a maltese dog depends on many things. Is this her first litter? First litters tend to be smaller as in under 3 pups. What kind of dog bred with her…and her general size. Maltese dogs can run from 4 lbs to about 8 lbs if they are standard breed size.

Good luck with your dog and have fun with the puppies! I hope you find them all good homes!

Answer by Whiskers

It will be best to take her to vet and first confirm that she is Pregnant and find out exactly how many puppies to expect, and learn about what to look out for and how to help her and make sure your vet is willing/able to help in any emergency no matter what time it is. Make sure you have a lot of money aside for any emergencies and to have the puppies vet checked/wormed/vaccinated even better microchipped and spayed/neautered before going to new homes.
If the parents are not registered and tested for health/genetic problems you will lost a lot of money on this litter if you do everything responsibly.

So. Eventhough it seems sad it would be best to have an emergency spay, since its a lot harder to find permanant homes for puppies (without creating even more puppies) than it seems to be

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  1. maylj says

    I have a maltese female who is about to have her puppies any day.I am concerned about the entire pregnancy deal my dog is 45 yrs .She's never been breed before, does any know anything about Maltese dogs and what warning sings to look for during litter processes .if so please reply to this post? Thank you

  2. Jenny says

    It varies, but small dogs generally have smaller litters. So sorry to ruin your plans, but breeding won't make you any extra money. You'll only be adding more poorly bred dogs to the world.

    Have the vet do an emergency spay.

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