How to stop my Jack Russell from barking?

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Kris: How do I stop my Jack Russell from barking when I leave the house?
Every time we leave the house the dog barks for the whole time that we are gone. What can I do to stop our dog from barking while we are away?
We used to have another dog, but the other dog passed away and after she passed away he started for the whole time we are gone.

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Answer by Peyton
It is part of his breed to be barky. But it may be separation anxiety. There is a great new medicine made for SA called Reconcile. You can get it from your vet. But before you try drugs make sure he gets enough exercise, and has something to do when he is left alone.

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  1. ESPERANZA says

    This is classic separation anxiety. When you leave, your dog is afraid that you are not coming back. Dogs, especially puppies have short memories. You may be gone for 20 minutes to your pup it is 2 hours. So if you leave your pup for 8 hours to him it feels like 2 days. What you need to do is condition him to being alone. The first thing that you need is a crate. Dogs feel safer and less anxious in a crate this is part of thier ancestory where wild dogs lived in dens. The crate serves as a den. While you are home put the dog in the crate for 5 minutes, you need to go in the other room. After 5 minutes let him. Do it very matter-of-factly. Don't make a big deal about your time apart or have a big reunion. Wait about 20 minutes and put him back in the crate in the other room for 5 minutes. Keep doing this as above until you can leave him in the crate for 5 minutes and he is quiet. Then leave him for 10 minutes, repeat as above until he can stay 10 minutes. Keep increasing in 5 minute intervals until he can stay at least 30 minutes without crying or barking. Once he can stay in his crate for 30 minutes quietly he should be okay if you leave him for a few hours. Don't leave him more than 3 or 4 hours without giving him a "crate break" a walk, some play etc. Before putting your dog in the crate for 3 or 4 hours take him for a long walk, at least a half hour or more. He will be tired and more likely to rest in the crate. I don't leave my dog with any food or bones while she is in the pen as it can pose a choking hazard but you could leave a Kong toy with some Kong paste or creamy fat-free peanut butter.

  2. rubberduckygeorge says

    separation anxiety, before you leave, about a half hour before, try to calm him down and distract him, i give my Jr mix toys to play with and maybe a treat, and when i leave, i put down an article of clothing with my scent on it, it seems to keep him calm, or try putting on the tv, or a mirror down, those should distract him too.

  3. naughty teacher says

    JRs do that. has he been crate trained? if not, you should do that. it helps my mini-dach with the whole separation anxiety thing. he feels more secure in his crate.

  4. stormwarnfm says

    I assume that you have neighbors complaining about your dog, or otherwise you wouldn't know it barks the whole time you're gone.

    JR's are notorious for being a barking dog.

    I agree with another answerer…it could be seperation anxiety…and there are ways (medicinally and not) to help ease your dog into understanding you will return and help calm the barking.

  5. [email protected] says

    well,it can be accomplished many ways,i would try obedience school first,but with a Russel that's like spitting into the wind. bark collar, talk to your vet.

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