How to make my labrador stop jumping on me?

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HELP!: how do i make my labrador dog stop jumping on me?
how can i make my labrador dog stop jumping?
everytime i come outside he jumps on me…and hes a year old already. he has sharp nails. and he also has a problem jumping the fence. so latley hes been tied up. i want him to run.

plz help me.

how do you stop a dog from jumping on you AND over the fence?
he also bites:(
are any of the things i need to buy gonna be expensive?
PLZZZZZZ ANSWER!!They might call the dog handler on him!!!! I dont want him to die

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Answer by amanda i
thra it

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  1. Frank S says

    We use a remote training shock collar from tritronics to train or Newfoundland. It is avoidance training. Whenever the dog jumps up you zap them once and say "Off" very sternly. With a mild shock they immediately try to figure out how to avoid that shock again. The shock is not harmful or painful just uncomfortable to them. The collar is a little expensive but it works great! Order online and receive your collar in 2 days…

  2. ~d0g5 aR3 p30pl3 t0o says

    I have a golden ret and he is almost a yr old..well to stop him from jumping on you….whenever u or other come home, bend to touch him instead of letting him jump on you….when he tries say a loud "NO"!! My lil boy is trained that way and he never jumps on anyone…he is a cutie :)

    And to keep him jumpin off the fence…if u could afford, make the fence a lil higher or else let him out only when you are there to watch him….

    Also if u can then take him to obedience class available in the pet stores …..they should help you….it is like some $ 100 for 8 weeks!!


  3. bmoline says

    for the jumping the fence thing.
    You can go to your local pet store and buy a no jump harness.
    It's kind of complicated to put it on at first, but when it is on correctly, the dog is unable to raise up on his back legs and push off in order to jump. They can wear it all the time if you want, or just put in on before he goes outside.

    As far as jumping on you, the knee raise is the best method, as well as ignoring him when he is jumping. No talking, looking, petting, no anything unless he stays on all four. He'll get the message in no time at all.

  4. emily says

    when he jumps on you push him down and say "no jump" strongly. then if he come up to you again and doesn't jump, reward him. after awhile he'll figure it out.

    with the fence thing either get a higher fence or electric rence. i use electric fence for all my animals and it really works. you should get the portable stuf. getting zapped by that a few times should get the message across.

  5. Carol H says

    When he jumps on you step on his back paws. I know this sounds mean but it works. If he has sharp nails get a doggie clipper and cut his nails or let the vet do it. Since he jumping the fence have you considered building him a dog run enclosed. It is like a long fenced in area with the top fenced in too and you can make it as big and long as you want. If you buy one it may cost you alot more. Better yet put up a wanted ad in your local grocery store or veternarians bulletin board and look in the wanted ads in your local newspaper. Good luck to you!

  6. ~*~ Angel ~*~ says

    First, do not reward the dog by giving him attention when he jumps on you.

    Second, if his nails are sharp you need to have them clipped by a groomer or vet.

    Third, Try an invisible fence for animals. The dog wears a collar that helps train him to not go through the fence so maybe this could work for you.

    Lastly, it sounds like your dog has not had obedience training. It is important, especially when you own a larger dog, to have you dog trained in basic obedience. Such as sit, stay, come, lie down. This is good not only for your legs protection but also the dogs protection in situation that could cause harm.

    Good luck.

  7. jennaslab says

    i have labs, when he starts to jump on you , take a step back , don't talk or pet him when he jumping, labs jump intill they are about two years old, it will slow down when hes a bit older i promise, you have to walk and exercise a lab everyday, good luck , jumping the fence i cant help you , remove everything from around the fence he can get up on, buy a dog run if you can, tieing him up will only make him worst,

  8. TheOldOkie says

    Seriously, step on his back feet when his front ones are in the air. Now, I'm not saying "stomp" on them! Just enough pressure that he drops to all fours. Keep repeating. It works. At least it did on my Chow.

  9. Erin says

    I'm not sure what to tell you about the fence, but when he jumps up on you, firmly push your knee into his chest and push him away (if you're doing it effectively, it'll look as if you're kneeing him, but you won't hurt him). It may take a while, but he should get the idea. Just do it firmly, and say something like "Don't jump!" also in a firm tone.

  10. Elaine F says

    if a dog jumpos on you when you don't want him too say no in a stern voice and take his paws in your hand and push off and step on his feet aat same time he wiol get the messagemight take time tho

  11. Starrlina says

    1. Build a higher fence or buy an electronic fence/collar.

    2. When he's about to jump raise your knee up to block him and ignore him.

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